Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TK Maxx Autumn Winter 2011 trends

Last week I popped along to The Cliff Town House to check out the upcoming trends for Autumn Winter 2011 in one of my favourite shops, TK Maxx.  Regular readers of the blog will know that I've come across some great bargains in the make up department in the past (on the way to there, I had a sneaky look in the newly refurbished shop in St Stephen's Green and saw a Bobbi Brown lip palette?! I was good and left it there...), but Joanne is much better at rooting through the clothes to find gems.

Anyone who goes into TK Maxx, it can be daunting.  There are clothes as far as the eye can see.  But what they wanted to show us the other day was that they do have trends throughout the shop and some of these were highlighted.  All of the clothes were pulled from the Carrickmines shop, which I still need to visit.  I took photos of my favourite pieces and thought I've give you a little peek of what you can find there!

First up is Textures and Layers trend.
The skirt on the left is gorgeous, it's like an oil on water design, so pretty.  The bobbles on the jumper in the were too cute not to photograph!  The leopard print coat on the end was brilliant!  It was very Carrie Bradshaw/Jersey Shore, love it.

The photo on the left is the front of the jumper and the middle photo is of the back.  I loved the little gold beads on the shoulders across the back, a proper reason to wear your hair up.  The black and white coat was really thick and heavy and perfect for winter.

Next up is the Seventies trend.
The coat on the left was super heavy and made me think of Harry Potter/Mallory Towers for some reason!  I fell in love with the skirt though.  It's a champagne colour with gold detail, made to look a bit antiqued, gorgeous and if I was a skinny minny, I would rock this.

The Country Heritage trend is next on our list, so tally ho old chaps!
When I read the sign saying Country Heritage, I thought "aint no way I'll like anything from it" but look at these!  The blue and green plaid coat is proper Autumnal and makes me think of going back to school.  The navy jumper in the middle also came in a beige but I loved this shade.  The tweed jacket on the end is fitted so won't make you look like a chunky monkey, gorge.  I love tweed at the moment, Joanne got a gorgeous tweed blazer recently in Oxfam so she's on trend!

The Jewel Colours trend is next and made me go ooh.
The two dresses on the ends were so much more vibrant in person and would be lovely for the Christmas season, yeah, I said Christmas!  The skirt in the middle is the same as the champagne one above, I just loved the gold detailing so much that I had to show you both!

Finally was my favourite trend, the Party Wear trend!
I fell in love with this beautiful pewter dress.  I'm going to have a look for it next time I'm in a TK Maxx and try it on.  I love how the fabric drapes across the front, I think it'll be flattering on my good self!  The blazer was stunning.  Fitted, white lapel, stitching on the collar, gorgeous.

The black top on the left was really pretty and light.  Would be mucho nice over skinny jeans.  I loved the gunmetal top in the middle too, yes, I like pewter/gunmetal coloured clothes.  I want to try this on too along with the dress on the right.  That was really hard to photograph properly.  It was black with diagonal gold stripes going across it with an elastic waist and pockets at the hips.  It would make a lovely Christmas party dress, yes, there's that C word again!

It was great to be able to really see what TK Maxx have to offer like this.  Has anyone come across a magical find in TK Maxx?  Joanne recently bought a bag from Nica that was about €20 cheaper in TK Maxx than it was in Debenhams and it was the exact same bag, so their ads saying they've current season's stuff is true!

Will you be checking out any of these trends?


  1. I really need to rummage in there more! I love the navy shred jumper it's gorgeous!



  2. I love the Harry Potter coat!!! I haven't been in TK Maxx for aaages, I'm one of those people who finds it really daunting, but it's brilliant to see a post like this that shows you why it's worth spending time in there!

  3. Himself practically lives in TK Maxx but I tend to avoid it as I find it quite stressful. But when I hear of bargains like Joanne's bag it does make me think again...

  4. I've just started to like TK Maxx more, you really can get some good deals!

  5. I want the tweed jacket, love it.

    I never seem to have any look with clothes in TK Maxx but I'm gonna keep looking in the hope that I find that gem item.

  6. Lovin the Leopard Print coat! I need.

  7. Loving the top with the little gold beads on it, the navy jumper is lovely too and all of the final three pics - love!
    I usually keep to the kitchen department in TK Maxx, may have to have a look at the clothes :D

  8. The jumper is soooo nice! I wish we were more creative over here (Italy).. I admire Irish bold sense of style! Great picks!


  9. Oh, i love leopad print fur coat!
    Were the items priced or was it just an event showcasing the fashion and trends in store this year?

  10. Some nice pieces in there!

    I like the oatmeal jumper and the balck and white blazer. I will need to check it out!

  11. Ihave only recently discovered TK Maxx and I love it! As a product junkie and a handbag lover, I have found some great OPI mini sets and some fabulous affordable bags in there. I will be back!

  12. Lowri - So do I! I love the bags, shoes and make up there, need to learn how to rummage big time :)

    MissGreenEyes - Keep me posted if you make a visit there soon :)

    fluff and fripperies - I hear ya, I need to be in the right frame of mind to start rooting there, it's totes not a place for boys though, right?

    nicsnotebook.com - yay!

    Vintage Makeup - I was trying to get photos to show how vibrant the items were, so bright

    cornflakegirl - My mam and sister are much luckier with their finds there, I'm gonna make more of an effort for sure

    Rachelle - me too, my sis wants it too hehe

    Grainne - I thought that jumper was so cute too, love the kitchen dept, have bought many a cheese greater in there!

    La Pe - glad you enjoyed!

    Brid - some of the items had prices, if there's something in particular you want the price of, I can try and find out for you?

    Ms Bubu - Love that blazer so much too, gorge

    Helen99 - It has some great beauty finds doesn't it?!

  13. i LOVE the leopard print coat!!! FAB!!


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