Friday, October 21, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!

I think everyone can agree that winter is finally here.  But the one thing that makes me happy about winter is all the gorgeous and cosy clothes that are out in the shops at the moment.  Especially the coats!  Never have I seen such fabulous faux fur and country chic coats in the shops.  There is something for everyone's budget and here are just a small selection of my favourites.

L-R: Short faux fur jacket €30 - Penneys,  Black faux multi fur coat €35 - Penneys, Khaki Tammy fur coat €75 - A Wear
I'm loving the fur collar on the khaki coat from A Wear and the belt adds a bit of detail.  As for the Penneys fur coats, they're just waiting for a Christmas party to be worn to!

L-R: Cheryl Faux Fur coat €70 - A Wear, Gerard Darrell Lamb Gillet €350- Arnotts, Pinko Brown Shearling Coat €440 - Arnotts
We go a bit higher in the price range here but that Cheryl coat from A Wear is gorgeous, especially the length of the sleeves, love it.  If I won the Lotto, that Pinko Shearling Coat would be mine.  The collar, cuffs, belt, it's just all beautiful.

Next up is the Country Chic trend.  We're talking plaid, duffel, tweed, all the good stuff that makes me think of going on a hike up the mountains with your welly boots on.  Except I'm 'lergic to that and can't think of anything worse to be honest. Why hike in the cold when you can sit inside with the heat on?  But if you must leave the cosy confines of your house, have a look at these coats that will make you say "Tally ho old chap"!

L-R: Check Toggle Duffle €31- Penneys, Toggle Cape €29- Penneys, Claire Check Duffel €65 - A Wear, Hoss Intropia Blazer €365 - Arnotts 
The check duffle coats remind me a lot of some of the winter items American Eagle have every year.  The cape is so Mallory Towers or Harry Potter so Karen's sorted there.  As for that blazer on the end... That has Kate Middleton written all over it.  From the neckline to the pockets to the shape, stunning.

I have so many things on my wishlist now for the winter... where to start?!

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  1. I've bought 3 coats so far this A|W......already!!!!

    (but none of them are in your list, ah well)

  2. Those Penneys fur costs are calling to me! I never did grow out of wanting to be Alabama in True Romance. Great post Joanne x


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