Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Benefit's They're Real! mascara review with a twist!

You've probably read countless reviews of this mascara, the latest offering from Benefit, called They're Real!  I won't bore you with the same information you've read on countless other blogs, I want to do something different for the craic.

Of course, for those that mightn't have read about this mascara before, here is a quick photo of the tube and the wand, complete with bristles at the end of it which is perfect for reaching the outer lashes.

I also have to do the obligatory before and after shot so you can see what it looks like on the lashes.  This is one coat of They're Real! on the upper lashes.  It thickens, volumizes and lengthens the lashes beautifully.
Let's have a look from underneath to see the length it gives.

The idea is that this mascara is supposed to make your lashes look fake so your friends will ask you if you're wearing false lashes.  You are to reply "are you gone in the head?  Do you think I got up at 5.30 this morning looking like Quasimodo and attempted to put fake lashes on while trying to leg it out the door in the hopes of getting free parking at work?"  Or the shortened version of that is "They're real!"  So I wanted to compare them to false lashes to see how they fared.  I bought these Ardell lashes a while back and they're the 110s, quite a natural false lash but a false lash all the same!

Top: I started off with one coat of They're Real! on one eye.
Middle: I then lined both eyelids with my essence gel liner in London Baby.  I also lined the upper waterline because that makes the lashes look thicker at the base.
Bottom: I applied the Ardell 110 lash and voila!  Scroll down for a looksee...

Benefit's They're Real! (left), Ardell 110 false lash (right)
The Ardell lashes are pretty wispy anyway and have a lot of length in the middle of the band as opposed to the outside corners.  I love having really long lashes in the outer corners and They're Real gives me that.  I'm pretty impressed with how this turned out ladies!

I bought this for €19.50 in the duty free on the way to Spain (it's €24.50 in the shops) and have used it every day since I've been back.  The wand combs through my lashes and the formulation gives incredible length and volume.  I'm loving it and will repurchase it without question.

Now, you didn't think my playing around with make up ended there now did you?  I started messing around with the Bourjois eyeshadows I bought at the Professional Beauty 2011 show last weekend.  I'll do a full review of them very soon but I am in love with them so far.  I used the really dark emerald green and the dark purple and they are bee-aut-iful!
Of course, you know me, I needed to add some black liner for more drama...

So, would I recommend Benefit's They're Real!?  I would indeed.  It stays put all day, doesn't flake or smudge and it gives me really long lashes.  What more could a girl ask for?

Have you tried They're Real?



  1. WOW!! Awesome mascara!! I have to try this! Loved this review :)

    The Deer Head


  2. I just couldn't decide whether to buy this one, never been a fan of the rubber brushes. looks good here though. Great post, as always.

  3. Great result, comparing the false lashes with the real ones is amazing what length it gives. Love your posts!!!!

  4. I bought it in Duty Free too. I haven't loved a mascara so much in years. Really recommend it. Love the way it doesn't flake off during the day, I have a lot of mascaras with this issue recently, xx

  5. I was asked by a girl doing a course in beauty 'where did you buy you're lashes?' I said 'I grow them myself!' she said 'No your fake ones?!' All down to this magic mascara! True love!

  6. Haha love the unique review! Love the mascara..bit on the pricey end though..its on my Wishlist as of now :P

  7. Such a creative review - great idea! I'm a big fan of You're Real too - it's still looking good after at least 6wks of wear.

    I'm also VERY excited about the Bourjois eyeshadows - they are just beautiful. Love these colours and your eyes look amazing here. Off to check out your link to find out more info about them!

    Nic x

  8. Lowri - deffo give it a shot!

    Mariga - It's very comby for a plastic brush, if that makes sense, glad you enjoyed :)

    YourBeauty - thanks lovely :)

    Lee - I love how it stays put too, not a smidgen of a smudge!

    Aoife - ah I love your response hehe

    HinaLokwani - glad you enjoyed :)

    Strawberry Blonde - thanks lovely :) The Bourjois shadows are gorrrrge, cant wait to play around with them some more

  9. It looks good! i was wondering about this mascara because benefit badgal used to be my favourite (but i went to max factor when i was skint and now the false lash effect fusion is my fave) and i hadnt read any reviews on it...i want it now...gah,must save the pennies...

    Jo x


  10. I really love this mascara too. It's a really dense black. The one bug bear is that I find this brush slips between my lashes easily and ends up stabbing my eye. Ouch!


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