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Joanne actually found a foundation she loves! La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint

From as long as I can remember, I have always had dry/sensitive skin.  Its typically on my fivehead and either side of my nose that would get so red and dry it would hurt.  My earliest memory of having such dry skin was when I was 14, one Saturday afternoon having lunch with the family and my mam asking me if I was sniffing something in my bedroom because either side of my nose was so red!! (In case you are wondering I wasn't!)  Since then I have been on the hunt to find a cream that will keep it at bay.  But because of such dry skin I don't wear foundation.  I feel like I can't because the dry patches are just so obvious under the foundation.  I have yet to come across a foundation, or even a tinted moisturiser, that will blend onto my skin and hide the dry parts, not make them a hundred times more obvious... That is, until now!

I bring to you La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint foundation!  I'm in LOVE with this!!  It's made mainly for people with dry/sensitive skin and it works a treat.  It does everything that every other foundation for me in the past hasn't done.  I don't like the feeling that I'm caked in make-up and this foundation feels light, but also gives you the cover you are looking for.  I wore it recently and completely forgot to put primer on under and there wasnt a flake of dry skin to be seen, which is unheard of for me.  It has a really natural finish but great coverage too.  I'll hand over to Karen here to explain a bit more about the packaging and the foundation itself.

Karen here ladies, speaking to you via italics.  So Joanne is actually wearing a foundation, can you believe it?  Let me give you a bit of background story.  Whenever she's going out for a big night, I always offer to do her make up and because her skin was so dry and flaky, we were never able to find a foundation that would work for her.  I used foundation brushes, sponges, my MAC 109 brush, my hands and no matter what tools I tried or what foundation I used from my stash, her skin just rebelled and flaked like mad and she would end up having to go out with no foundation because the flakes were highlighted by the foundation.

We were sent La Roche-Posay's Toleriane Teint foundation a while back and I had a go of it, but it didn't work with my oily/combination skin, so I bullied Joanne into trying it and now she is a happy chappy! 

Ok, let's talk packaging.  The compact is white, which for a messy person like moi isn't great and I managed to have foundation all over it after a few minutes, but it's sturdy, has a great sized mirror and a little section under the foundation to store the sponge that it comes with.  Have a squizz.

According to La Roche-Posay "upon contact with the skin, the ingredients blend and swell to form a 3D network which spreads easily, and perfectly matches the skin's surface textures".  According to moi looking at Joanne's face, her skin tone is evened out beautifully.  It covers any redness on her face and most importantly, doesn't cling to any dry patches or irritate her skin.  When we were out a few weeks ago, I didn't know she was wearing it and said to her later that her skin looked gorgeous.  She smugly told me she was wearing "the foundation in the white compact", girlfriend couldn't remember the name of it, but girlfriend does now because it works.  I told her to use my Sigma F80 flat topped kabuki brush to see how she got on.  I have not seen the brush since.  Stolen by her.  But for a good cause.

Much laughter ensued taking these photos.  She is not used to having a camera about 4 inches from her face but I worked it as the photographer and told her to "work it and smize".  You can see in both sets of photos without and with the flash that her complexion looks even, natural and glowing. 

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint foundation retails at €20 and comes in four shades.  To find out more and where to purchase this, visit La Roche-Posay's website.  

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  1. Wow - fantastic result! Is Joanne using no. 11 or 13?


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