Monday, October 24, 2011

Oot and aboot, Joanne's new boots

On Saturday, myself and Karen decided to hit the shops - she was hoping to buy a winter coat and I was thinking of maybe buying new pjs, nothing exciting.  But this all changed once I walked into TK Maxx in Blanchardstown.  We had a look at the make-up (of course and can you believe that Karen didn't buy anything at all in there!) and then we went straight down to the shoes and these bad boys caught my eye.

These are made by Rockport, which I haven't seen in TK Maxx before but I'm SO happy that they sell them now!!  I was in town today and walked by a Rockport shop and popped in to see if they had them.  I keep forgetting TK Maxx say that they sell current stock.  Anyhoo, there they were and the original price was €180 on sale for €144 and I got them the day before for €99.99!  I was delighted with the saving I made on them and I know I'm going to get so much wear out of them over the next few months.

Is there anyone else out there that hates boot shopping  because you are a member of The Big Momma Calves Club?  You sit down to try a beautiful knee high boot on.  You inhale, suck your stomach in and hold your breath because by doing so, it will automatically shrink the circumference of your calf.  Yes, I wanted to say girth but was good and said circumference.  If this was Karen't post who knows what she would have said.  Well, I am a proud member of The Big Momma Calves Club so imagine my surprise when I could actually zip these up without any problem!  On upper inner part of each boot is elastic with the leather which gives it a bit of stretch, so the zip closes with easily.  They had them in brown too but I thought I'd get more use out of the black coming up to Christmas and all.

As well as being a member of BMCC, I have arthritis so shoe shopping for me is always a nightmare, whether it's that shoes are too flat, too high, there is always something that hurts my foot but these boots are perfect!  They have a 2.8 inch heel with a 0.7 inch platform which feels like you aren't wearing heels at all.

You can view them on their UK site here.  They are the perfect addition to my wardrobe for Winter.  Thank you TK Maxx!!

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  1. Oh they're gorgeous and I LOVE Rockport, so comfy! Must get myself to a TK Maxx quick sharp!

  2. @CherrySue Thanks :) They have them in a gorgeous brown too, but already have me brown knee high boots so decided on these

    @Fluff and fripperies - thanks! Never tried on anything Rockport before but they are SO comfy!!! love them and love tk maxx!

  3. They're fab!!! Haha sign me up to the BMCC too, I always avoid boots with zips because I have yet to find a pair that will zip all the way up.

    You girls always find such brilliant stuff in TK Maxx, that's it, I'm DEFINITELY roping someone into driving me up to one before Christmas!

  4. they look great on you, enjoy! i too am part of the BMCC, i can't even remember how many years ago i bought a pair of boots, i simply cannot find something that fits me without looking like Puss in Boots!! xox

  5. I have huge calves but not wide feet. Evans boots are like boats on mE. Tempted to buy online from duoboots but nervous


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