Friday, October 7, 2011

Origins Plantscription Anti-aging eye treatment review with before and after shot!

"Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, look into my eyes, you're under..."

I am getting on in years, I might as well face facts.  Sigh.  I have many fine lines around my eyes, or as I like to call them, laugh lines.  I have obviously spent the last ten years laughing like a lunatic.  Three years ago, I had a bad experience with an eye cream that shall not be named.  I think it was too rich for my eyes and I developed a cyst under my left eye that had to be removed by my *ahem* plastic surgeon.  I was afraid to use any eye creams after that, just in case.  Until now.

I am a massive Origins fan and have been since Oprah Winfrey named Origin's A Perfect World Body Cream as one of her Favourite Things years ago.  I've been hooked ever since and have made my way through countless products from the Origins range.

Following the launch of the Plantscription Anti-aging serum in March 2011 comes the Plantscription Anti-aging eye treatment (€45 for 15 ml).  One of it's main ingredients is Anogeissus.  And what might that be I hear you ask?  It's an extract from the Anogeissus tree in Ghana and it helps minimise the appearance of crow's feet, crepey eyelids and sagginess.  It does all that and I still can't pronounce it.

I was given a pot of the eye treatment to use at the start of August.  After reading rave reviews of the Plantscription serum, I couldn't wait to give the eye treatment a go, blogger style!  This meant taking a before and after shot.  It's one thing me telling you how it felt and what I thought of it but I wanted to bring the scientist out in me!  I wanted the hard evidence.  I wanted to have proof with no airbrushing or any special effects so read on.

The product itself is a mixture between a cream and a gel and has a very faint fragrance of apricot.  I love the scent of the body cream from the Perfect World range and that's what this smells like, just much lighter.  It sinks into the skin (and lines) after a few minutes and is lovely and cooling which is nice for under the eyes.  Once it sinks in, there's no residue left on your skin, just smooth skin.  You can apply your make up over it easily and leg it out the door.

At first I was scared to use too much because of the cyst I'd had, so after about a week of using a really small amount twice a day, I started to use the recommended pea sized amount every morning and evening, dotting it under my eye along the top of my cheek bone, taking care not to bring it too close to the inner corner and I also brought it up along the brow bone.  What I like to do is to squint a little bit so I can see all my fine lines and then cover those suckers up!

When taking my photos, I tried to use the same angle and lighting to keep it consistent.  Have a look and see what you think.
Before (left), After (right)
The most obvious changes are on the outer corner of my eye.  The horizontal line going from the outer corner of my eye out towards the direction of my ear is nearly gone along with a few lines under that.  I don't really have problems with crepey eyelids (yet) so I can't comment on that.  I have those two little moles under my eye and you can see that the lines above the mole on the left have faded a lot in the after shot.

So this is what has happened after just two months.  I have gone through about half the pot using it twice a day, almost every day.  My plan is to do a further update around Christmas and compare the photos again and see if there are any more improvements!

I'm delighted with the results so far.  I think taking before and after photos and actually seeing the difference has made me want to keep going with it.  I actually didn't like to use a highlighter on my cheekbones because it would emphasise those lines and now I've worn it on a good few occasions and not felt self conscious.

By the time Christmas comes, I expect to look about 12 years old with no laugh lines....  Love this product ladies, I knew Origins wouldn't let me down.  It's available in Arnotts and Boots Liffey Valley in Ireland.  For more information, check out the Origins website.

Stay tuned for more Origins treats!


  1. When my current origins eye cream runs out this old lady is taking her zimmer frame down to get this one

    It will be like cacoon

  2. Wow this looks brill Karen. Have never tried Origins products must have a look the next time I'm in House Of Fraser xxxx

  3. Fabliss! Have just started this recently and having read this I'm excited bout the results already! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow K x

  4. Great review Karen.

    This sounds and looks amazing might keep it in mind for if I ever fall out of love with Benefit It's Potent.

  5. This is exactly the type of eye cream I'm looking for - it's on my list when i go up to the big shmoke in a few weeks! Thanks :)

  6. Thanks for the amazing pictures! It worked well for me too, so I could attest to it :D

    Here's sharing my review with you:

    I've no before and after pictures though!

  7. It's an effective product for the eye. Maintain it through safe methods.

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  9. Can't wait to buy one for me too. I think all of the feedbacks about the product are positive. I want to try this one.

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  10. I could vividly see the difference of the before and after shot! I can't wait to try this out.


  11. Absolutely LOVE this eye cream. The best I have EVER USED. Love love love. My eyes feel amazing after a week.

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  14. I love this product too, the best eye treatment I've tried so far!

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  18. Pretty nice post. A lot of useful info here.

  19. Yup, it helped. I can see the difference and it's not just looking better because of lighting. I think there are several beauty creams that reduce fine lines. I am learning about this one for the first time. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

  20. Thank you for sharing this aging is really a wonderful and strange process that's why you need to love it.

  21. Lot of these creams don't work and are very expensive too. but looks like this one worked for you. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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