Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Orofluido Shampoo & Conditioner review

Karen was at the Professional Beauty Trade Show in the RDS a couple of weeks ago and came back with Orofluido Shampoo and Conditioner.  I have had to endure her raving about their of the Orofluido hair oil since January, so when she came back with the shampoo and conditioner, being the lovely sister I am, I just had to try it myself.  As you can see from this post I have extremely long hair, which can be quite frizzy at the best of times so I was looking forward to trying this out.

The packaging is gorgeous.  The boxes are sleek and sophisticated and the bottles themselves are beautiful.  They're the type of bottles you want to display in your bathroom so when your friends come over, you know they're going to inspect them some more!  Take a look at the shampoo.  It is a thick amber coloured shampoo with a faint scent of vanilla.

The conditioner has a pump dispenser.  I feel very posh altogether pumping the conditioner out.  It has the consistency of custard and has a lovely light scent of vanilla, just like the Orofluido hair oil itself.

The first thing I noticed while shampooing my hair was that it didn't lather up as much as my usual shampoos, but it felt squeaky clean after washing out the suds.  So far so good!  Then I put the conditioner in the the bottom half of my hair and left it for a few minutes and rinsed it out, like you do.

When drying my hair I'm literally like a mad woman - I dont have a set way, section by section...  I would be there for the duration if I did that so I just dry it any which way I can so that dries it the quickest.  The results?  Really soft, silky, shiny, frizz free hair - I would actually go out with my hair down after the blow-dry.  Usually I would have to straighten it and if I straightened my hair just after washing it, it would still end up frizzy enough so it would be back in a pony tail in no time.  But not any more!

We're not sure of the price because Karen got it at trade cost, but a little look at shows they have the shampoo at €10.50 and the conditioner at €12 and I honestly would recommend to anyone with frizz prone hair.  I'll definitely be purchasing this once I run out.  We've also been trying out the Orofluido hair mask so stay tuned for a review on that soon.

I'm sure wherever sells the Orofluido hair oil will sell this, like Hair Crazy or Terrisales but if you know of any other stockists, let us know and we'll add it to the post. stocks the Orofluido range along with Hair Crazy and Terrisales.

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  1. I know that Salon Services in Longford have it, for any girlies around that area. I am in LOVE with all Orofluido products - have the oil, shampoo, conditioner, & little pot of treatment - it's made an awful difference to the amount of times a week I use my straighteners. No frizz in between washes! Amazeballs, wish I'd discovered it sooner.

    No, I don't work for them :D x

  2. Love the sound of these, I love Orofluido Oil anyway so might just give these a whirl.

  3. I've been keeping an eye out for Orofluido after Karen's review but I haven't come across it yet. These sounds great too!

  4. @Miss Green Eyes - I couldnt believe how non frizzy my hair was after washing it. Usually if I was wearing it down Id need to use the straighteners, but usually the day after Ive washed it cos the straightners dont work so well on freshly washed hair - but not any more!!! Love it!

    @cornflakegirl - if you have frizzy prone hair you so should! amazing!

    @Fluff and fripperies - they are fab! Hopefully you can find them somewhere!

  5. Lovely products from Orofluido. I prefer the Orofluido Shampoo, I order my orofluido products always at the following website

  6. i have oily hair, would u recommend it for me? xoxo


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