Thursday, November 24, 2011

Avon Shine Attract Lipstick swatches

A couple of weeks ago I met Jackie Tyson, celebrity spokesperson for Avon who was in Dublin to talk to us about Avon's latest offerings.  You can read about their Ideal Flawless Liquid Foundation here if you should be so inclined.  This post is dedicated to Avon's Shine Attract Lipstick.  Take a look at this Kryptonite-esque display of said lipsticks.

The core of the lipstick is the pigmented part and is enveloped by a clear moisturising gel that's infused with Vitamin E.  Now, as I mentioned to you recently, I am afraid of brightly coloured lipsticks and am happy to gloss my lips to beat the band.  These little bullets of beauty, however, have given me confidence because they're a great way to ease my way into wearing brighter colours.  

See, I have really dry lips, especially in the winter, so the moisturising gel is exactly what I need.  But enough of my jibber jabber.  Here are swatches of six of the ten shades that will be released in February for €11.  Avon always have offers on though, so keep an eye out.

Top: Copper Connection, Bottom: Guava

Top: Rose Bouquet, Bottom: Happy Pink

Top: Cherry Pie, Bottom: Passionate Red
They go on really smoothly and can be as sheer or as pigmented as you'd like.  Jackie suggested to use a lip brush and dip into the pigmented core itself if you wanted a more opaque lip.  I, however, am not ready to do that yet.  I can sit at my desk at work and slather this all over my lips and not worry if it's uneven or not.  And if you're worried about getting to the edge of your lips, just rub the lipstick with the core part over the edges of your lips, it's that easy.  This is meant to be carefree and natural.  If you want something neater or precise, then use a regular lipstick.

I find it hard to accurately tell how long a lip product lasts because I'm always swigging water at work, biting my lips, touching my lips etc.  When I start to feel any lip product wearing off, I lash more on and it's easier to tell that this has happened with glosses and glossy lippies like these ones.  I would feel very comfortable applying the brighter ones after a couple of drinks, safe in the knowledge that they would look gorgeous and I wouldn't have made a mess of myself.  I'm heading to a party next weekend and will bring them with me to see how I get on!

So whadaya think of these?  Have they tickled your proverbial pickle?


  1. The effect of these reminds me a bit of my Carmex Moisture Plus... glossy looking, moisturising and offering A HINT of colour. However, I find that these look a little TOO sheer and almost patchy. I've been wanting to try them for a while though so I might order one to see what it's like on me.
    Thanks for the little review :)


  2. I am ALL over these babies. They look INSANE. And fabulous. Rose Bouquet looks like a winner, I can't wait to try these! Haven't had Avon makeup in YONKS so cheers for flagging this up!

    S xx

  3. Mind linking some pictures to where Cherry Pie and Passionate Red are much more pigmented? I was interested in these since they look SO glossy, and I want to get my hands on some bright red lip colors for some uber dramatic looks with my lips.. <3

    I might have to go with plain 'ol lip stains/sticks so I know for sure that they are the popping color I want.

  4. Thanks for the clear swatches! Avon in our country is having a big promotion on this so I'm doing my homework and researching the colours online (as the colours don't tally on brochures and in real life). All colours look great on you! Thanks again :)


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