Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas with Ojon featuring Damage Reverse Restorative Shampoo & Conditioner

In the first of our Christmas gift guide posts to hopefully help you pick some good stuff to buy friends and family (and should you happen to see gifts for yourself, well then that's a bonus now isn't it?) we are introducing you to the Christmas offerings from Ojon.

Behold the products that'll help your locks no matter what state they're in!  Ojon have released four Christmas sets featuring travel sized shampoos and conditioners and their acclaimed Restorative Hair Treatment for the Secret Santa friendly price of €19.50.

Available in Dry Recovery, Damage Reverse, Volume Advance and Color Sustain, Ojon have something for everyone's hair malady.  When asked by Ojon which Ritual I'd like to try, I knew that Damage Reverse was meant for me.  After dyeing my hair so much over the years (yes, I know I have to fix my roots, I promise I'll do it this weekend) I wanted to see if this range would make any difference to my poor locks.

All of Ojon's products are formulated with "nature's golden elixir", pure ojon oil.  I love the word elixir.  I imagine that mortar and pestles, conical flasks and pipettes all go into making elixirs, so Ojon already have me swayed.  Get this, in a year, one Ojon tree produces three cups of this pure ojon oil.  So we know why it's on the expensive side.  The full shampoo here is €24 and the conditioner is €26, so it's a proper treat for your hair.

The shampoo has a light coconut scent and lathers really well.  It leaves my hair squeaky clean, happy days.  The conditioner is described as a "concentrated conditioning balm" that "surrounds dry, brittle hair with nourishing lipids including pure Ojon oil, Brazilian Buriti Oil and Murumuru Butter".  I use the conditioner like any other one; I shampoo my hair first, then apply the conditioner, go about my other showerly business and then rinse as usual.  Sometimes as a treat I'll leave it in longer, especially if my showerly duties take a bit longer.

I usually let my hair air dry during the week, unless I'm going out somewhere and need to blow dry it.  Those who know me know that because I air dry it (right before bed, I know, it's terrible, my mam would kill me and tell me I'd catch my death going to bed with wet hair but what she doesn't know won't kill her and thankfully she doesn't read my blog) and wake up with it all over the place and wear my hair in a pony tail almost every day.  The Damage Reverse Restorative shampoo & conditioner does something wondrous to my hair.  First of all, there is not a single tangle in my hair when I brush it after towel drying.  Yes, I brush my wet hair instead of combing, this post is bringing out all of my bad hair habits, it's a wonder I'm not bald yet.  Anyway, yes, no tangles.  This usually only happens when I use a deep conditioning treatment in my hair, not a regular conditioner.

I go to bed with damp hair (don't tell mam) and when I wake up, my hair is soft and manageable and shiny.  I can go to work with my hair down without worrying that people will be looking at me out of the corner of their eyes going "did someone forget to brush their hair this morning"?  When I use the shampoo and conditioner and actually dry my hair properly, we're talking soft, flowy hair.  And don't get me started when I use my Babyliss Big Hair Styler!  Tyra would be so proud with the "wind in my hair" look I have going on.

I would 100% recommend trying these products.  As I said above, the full size products are a bit on the spendy side, but I'm sure the Christmas sets will be better value and you get the Restorative Hair Treatment too, which I'm dying to have a go of as well.  *Update* They'll set you back €19.50 which is only grand!  I'm going to try the Volume Advance one too and will report back with my findings.

So ladies, have yourself an Ojon little Christmas!  All of these products are available in Arnotts now and don't forget, if you're picking some up, make sure you sign up for an Arnotts rewards card where you can earn points and get rewards!

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  1. Loving these products too Karen, the shampoo and conditioner are fab. Have you tried the treatment yet? Can't wait to hear your verdict on the scent!


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