Friday, November 4, 2011

Lush Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day (I didn't give it away, no, these are all mine!)

Ah 'tis the season to be jolly!  And to start thinking of Christmas present ideas, I mean lads, there's only one more payday so get thinking and start budgeting!  Luckily, Lush is on hand to help us with cutely packaged boxed gifts and bath treats that would make great stocking stuffers.  They have something for everyone's price range and they kindly sent us some products for us to play with and show you what's on offer.

I'm always looking for ideas for Kris Kindle or Secret Santa presents.  We usually do this in our office at work with a set budget of €10 or €20, depending on how rich we're all feeling.  Lush have some gift sets already wrapped so let us show you a couple so you see what you get.

We'll start with the dinky little gift set called Have a Sweet Christmas (€7.50) and this is for real girly girls.  It has one of the pink and white swirly mountain shaped Candy Mountain Bubble Bars and a star shaped Angel's Delight soap.  The soap is too cute with the gold glitter on the top and Candy Mountain Bubble Bar Both of these products smell like bubblegum and are really sweet and I reiterate that they're best suited for girly girls or younger girls. aren't they?

Angel's Delight Soap (L)  Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (R)

The second pre-wrapped gift box we have to show you is Merry and Bright (€10.95).  Simply packaged with  dark blue paper and gold glittery ribbon, this contains a Glogg shower gel and a big chunk of Northern Lights soap.  Inspired by a Swedish mulled wine, Glogg has a really warming scent of cinnamon and spices.  When I first smelled it, I thought it smelled like those cola bottle sweets.  It's definitely different to any other shower gel I've had before and come snow time, this will warm your cockles!  This is the Merry in the gift box.

Northern Lights soap is something completely different and it is most definitely the Bright.  I mean, look at the colour of it, it's highlighter yellow with bits of neon green in it.  It'll totally stand out a mile in the bathroom.  Wouldn't be surprised if it glowed in the dark (must try it just in case!)  The scent is citrussy, bright, fun and light and will wake you up on dark mornings.  It'll probably blind you first with the colour but I love it and turned it over in my hands admiring it.  Love.

Northern Lights Soap (L)  Glogg Shower Gel (R)

Next up is bath time treats!  A few of these would make a great present themselves or even use as stocking stuffers. Starting at the top left we have the Lil' Lush Pud bath ballistic (€2.45) which literally had me going "ah, lil' puddin' " when I caught sight of it.  It has aloe vera to soften and hydrate the skin, clove powder for a bit of heat and lemon peel to help your circulation.  I think it's the only Christmas pudding that does you any good!

Top right is the Golden Wonder bath ballistic (€4.10).  I can't wait to use this one!  It's big, heavy, in the shape of a Christmas present and when you shake it, there's a whole lot of something inside it.  So I'm dying to see what's inside this present!  Cameras will be at the ready as it's a double layer bath ballistic and will apparently turn the bath water blue and have lots of gold stars bursting out of it?!  Yes sir, right up my street!

Lil' Lush Pud (top left),  Golden Wonder (top right)
Superstars Bubble Bar (bottom left),  The Rockateer (bottom right)

Bottom left is Superstars Bubble Bar (€2.85 for 100g) and is a strawberry scented bubble bar of cuteness with it's little yellow star.  Be gentle with this folks as this got banged up in the post but fear not, it will still create mountains of bubbles just fine!

Bottom right is The Rockateer bath ballistic (€3.45) that got a bit mangled in the post but will that stop me from trying it out?  Eh no way Jose, especially after finding out that the little golden "jets" at the bottom there make it shoot around the bath and it has popping candy to make it crackle.  I hope it's damaged jet does not impede it's rockateering capabilities too much, will totes keep ye posted.

One of Lush's winter staples is back in the shops just for Christmas and it is none other than Snow Fairy shower gel for body and hair.  It's pink, full of blue/purple shimmer and smells like candyfloss and bubblegum all wrapped up in one.  This is another of the girly girl scents like the bits from the Have a Sweet Christmas box.
Lush Snow Fairy shower gel for body and hair

It's time to talk lips next!  A lot of us suffer from dry, cracked lips in the winter, n'est pas?  So what have Lush done?  They've only gone and made us the Pow Wow lip scrub (€6.75) to help get rid of dead skin cells and what with the sugar and popping candy to scrub, it also has jojoba oil, argan oil and rose hip oil to soothe, soften and moisturise your lips.  And would you look at the colour?  It's Kermit green!  Joanne and I were trying to figure out what the scent reminded us of and we came to the conclusion that it smells like the green part from the Loop the Loop ice pops, so let us know what you think if you give it a go yourself.

Pow Wow Lip Scrub
Last but not least are Lush's new Christmas lip tints.  After you've finished scrubbing your lips with Pow Wow, you can use one of the following new tints that join Snow Fairy lip tint (€5.35).  First up is Celebrate lip tint (€6.50) which is a pretty pink with these weird little golden nuggety things on the top.  When I opened it first I hadn't a clue what it was, was it mold?  No, it is in fact golden popping candy!  Don't say I didn't warn you now.  I wouldn't want you having heart failure when your lips start inexplicably popping, k? 

Celebrate Lip Tint (top), Chilli Tingle Lip Tint (bottom)
Chilli Tingle lip tint (€6.50) is made with Mexican chillis and quite obviously make your lips tingle.  But don't worry, you won't lick your lips and suddenly start sweating and run around like a lunatic trying to find some water, no, they have put icing sugar in it to give it a sweet sugary taste.  Phew

So that's what we were dying to show you.  Last year I bought one of the Christmas Eve Bubble Bars (€3.70) and it was gorgeous.  It was so soothing and calming that I'm going to get another one for this year and keep the tradition up.  

So tell me, is there anything here that has tickled your pickle?  Or would you recommend anything else we should try from the Christmas range from Lush?


  1. My lads LOVE this stuff, they're fairly discerning :)

    PLEASE tell me what's in that present bath ballistic tho, I'm raging I didn't buy it & need to know (nosebag)

  2. *grabs Snow Fairy *
    My precious!
    *runs away*

  3. I hear so many great things about Lush in the blogosphere, but I've never actually tried any of their products!

    I think it's definitely time to find where I can buy the in Kilkenny! These look like great gifts to give my friends for our Secret Santa!!

  4. I'm not big on LUSH, but really want to try Snow Fairy! Only items I love from them are BIG and Flying Fox. But will def hve to have a sniff of Snow Fairy xo

  5. Ooh hurry and use that Golden Wonder and tell me all about it! X

  6. Mmmm, I love lush products, they smell so good. They look good enough to eat!

    I think I'll have to get one of those Angels delight soaps for christmas time. Make my bathroom look more festive :) hehe.

    Following you now, hope you'll stop by my blog sometime to say hey and follow me if you want!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING <3 xxx

    GIVEAWAY on my blog at the moment, feel free to enter if you like :)

  7. I love Lush! That Pow Wow looks really yummy.


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