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Skin Essentials by Mariga Review

At the start of October, I met up with Mariga Sheedy who owns the Wexford Beauty Salon and also has her own skin care range!  Skin Essentials by Mariga is the no nonsense range of products where the money has gone into the ingredients themselves rather than the packaging.  Mariga was kind enough to give me some products to try and after a few weeks of rigorous testing, I'm ready to spill the beans and tell you what I think!

First up is the Skin Comfort Cleanser with anti-oxidants.  €22 gets you 30mls of product in a plastic bottle complete with pump dispenser.  The cleanser itself is oil based and removes make up and cleanses the skin gently.  Now, Kirstie from is always waxing lyrical about the benefits of oil based cleansers and at the book signing for Aisling's second book, Gorgeous to Go, I found myself in MAC, whadaya know, and while waiting to pay for my lipstick (Rebel in case you were wondering) I happened to be standing beside the display of mini Fix +, Cleanse Off Oil etc and heard Kirstie's voice in my head "Get the Cleanse Off Oil Karen, do it, I'm sick of telling you to get it you dirty lookin' eejit and you never do, why you no listen to me Karen, why..."  I got it and tried it and wasn't too impressed to be honest but more about that in the near future.

I wasn't sure what to expect when trying Mariga's Skin Comfort cleanser but after seeing her skin in person, holy moly it is flawless, glowing, radiant and that was without makeup..... sigh.... I went forth and gave this cleanser a shot and lads, this stuff is fantastic.  End of.  I've taken a picture of the ingredients so good luck trying to pronounce them.

One pump is enough to cleanse my face at the end of the day.  If I have a decent amount of eye make up on, I'll generally use a second pump, just to make sure it gets rid of it all, but on days where I've just mascara on, one pump will do me.  It doesn't sting or irritate my eyes and has a very faint scent of oil but nothing too overpowering.

The cleanser itself is thicker than an oil, but still runny.  I usually apply a pump of it into my hands, rub my hands together and start massaging it all over my face.  I'm so used to the feeling of having actual product on my face that it's strange feeling like you're rubbing almost nothing into your skin!  I'm obsessed with my double sided cleansing cloth from Emma Hardie and after buying a set of three recently, I'm good to go and use one every night to remove the Skin Comfort Cleanser.

My skin is left clean and soft and it feels both conditioned and hydrated.  There's no tightness, shine and not a hint of any residue left behind.  Simple and effective folks.

Next up is the Rosehip Seed Oil.  Again, this comes in the same 30ml bottle with a pump and costs €20.  I've never tried any rosehip oils but was looking forward to giving it a shot.  I have an oily T-zone and normal cheeks and have used other facial oils in the past, so I knew it wouldn't clog my pores.  You can see in the photo below that the oil looks like a regular oil, runny and slightly amber in colour.

Rosehip seed oil, however, is a dry oil, which means it's absorbed into the skin without leaving any residue.  It helps the skin fight against the aging process (who doesn't want to look younger), helps repair skin cells and promotes collagen and elastin production.  It penetrates the skin quickly, providing instant hydration and balances the moisture levels in the skin.  Sounds magical doesn't it!

It can be used on it's own all over the skin or I like to add a pump of it to my night moisturiser every second night to add extra nourishment to my skin.  It mixes perfectly well with my moisturiser and my skin has loved having that extra somethin' somethin' what with the cold weather and heating on all the time.  Now, the reason why I add it to my night cream is for one simple reason.  I'm not a fan of the scent of the oil at all.  It smells like vegetable oil to me and it's too strong for me to apply it directly to my face.  So I need to mix it with something that smells nice.  If I felt it was something I couldn't overlook, I would be completely honest and tell you but it's working out great for me doing it this way and my skin feels fantastic.  I actually feel like I'm treating myself on the nights I use it and I like to read a bit of my book (I'm reading The Help at the moment, don't tell me what happens, only two chapters in) and let it sink in.

I decided earlier this year that I was going to start taking care of my skin properly and I've been lucky enough to try some great products.  These, however, are nothing short of fantastic.  They've been used almost every day since Mariga gave them to me and my skin has never looked or felt better.  My mission is to get Joanne to start using them too.  Her skin is completely different to mine and I'm dying to see how they work out for her.

You can buy these products on the Skin Essentials by Mariga website here and have a gander at what else Mariga and her very own biochemist has to offer.  Ah, if only I'd made some use out of my Biochemistry degree I could have my own skin care range too!  For now, I'm safe in the knowledge that Mariga knows skin.  I trust her (even if she told me I exfoliate too much, which I totally do but how did she know just from looking at my face with make up on and everything!)

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to try these products out Mariga.  My over-exfoliated skin and I are very appreciative!

Will you trying anything from Mariga's skin care range folks?


  1. That cleanser sounds da bomb. I know this is a tough question K but if you had to choose between this and the Emma Hardie one, which is your preference?

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  3. This isn't a brand I've ever heard of before, but now I have, I might have to check it out! Thanks :)

  4. Karen, do you think the oil would be suitable for crazy skin as well? :D
    well not crazy but after a couple of flights, weather, heating, it's gone ballistic: a bit of a breakout here, a dry patch there....
    now i'm just after starting with the brighter by nature&that's fine for daytime but i was looking for some type of oil or serum that helps the skin to get better faster.
    What do you think? (i've never used rosehip oil before either so i'd be a newbie too) xox

  5. I use other products in the range (love them) but haven't tried the cleanser yet. Will def do that now.

  6. Emma - will do a post on my findings :)

    gabriellasofia - deffo check it out!

    Andrea - tweet Mariga at @Wexfordbeauty an ask her advice, she's lovely and will get back to you about what's best for your skin, she knows so much more than I do!


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