Saturday, December 3, 2011

Glitter bombastic, truly fantastic!

Here at Lovely Girlie Bits, we love glitter nail polish.  A lot.  Too much really for our age.  But will that stop us from buying it?  Not on your nelly.  We wanted to show you our glittery collection and hopefully inspire you to lash some bling onto your nails this holiday season!

First up are the pinks, reds and purples.  Left to right is China Glaze-Mrs Clause, Angelica-Love You, Essence-Time for Romance, China Glaze-Ruby Pumps and Revlon-Facets of Fuchsia.

The blues are next and I'm sad that I only have three in my collection and one is a dupe of the other so I had to separate them.  They look a bit lonely don't they?  Left to right is Deborah Lippmann-Across the Universe, China Glaze-Dorothy Who? and Essence-Blue Addicted.

The neutral goldy shades are next.  These are particularly pretty as a top coat over any nail polish shade.  Left to right is Essence-Make it Golden, Gosh-Rainbow, NYC Grammercy Glitz and China Glaze-Snow Globe.  I'll be talking more about Snow Globe next week so stay tuned.

Finally are the Christmassy polishes.  The ones that make your nails look like a Christmas tree!  They're all China Glaze and from left to right we have Tinsel Town, Party Hearty, Twinkle Lights and Mistletoe Kisses.

You can buy Deborah Lippmann in House of Fraser.  China Glaze can be found in Sallys Beauty Supply or Beauty Emporium.  I'm not sure if they still make Gosh Rainbow but check the Gosh stands in A Wear.  NYC is found in your local pharmacy or in Penneys, so is Essence.  Revlon is stocked in Boots and finally Angelica is found in Penneys.  I was in there the other night and had to fight with myself not to pick any more glitter polishes!

Now, glitter polishes are a pain in the bum to remove, but my pal CherrySue suggested applying a coat of a nail polish you don't mind wasting on top of the glitter.  Wait for it to go tacky, then remove with a cotton pad.  The tacky polishes sticks to the glitter and helps make it easier to remove.  I've half tried this but will try it properly and get back to you.

So my question to you ladies is:  What is your favourite glitter nail polish?  Share with the class and let's see if I can add to this collection!


  1. i like glitter polish but for some reason the only one I have is Shleton St by Nails inc (golden one). It is a nice one, but I want more! I think I will look for that Gosh Rainbow one...

  2. Oof, I need that Anjelica red, where did you get it? Huge fan of facets of fuschia too! x

  3. I am ALL over glitter polishes. Snow globe looks amazing! Excited to see your post on it. I've been a bit obsessed with the sparkles - have you seen the Nails Inc 3D one??
    Got some pix here:


  4. I love OPI 'I Lily Love You' its beautiful! x

  5. Ms Bubu - Lemmie know if you can find Rainbow :)

    Simone - Penneys stocks the Anjelica polishes, you will have a ball when you're home in there :)

    Sara - That polish looks absolutely gorge, must keep an eye out for it :)

    confessionsofamakeupaholic - That's a gorge one too!

  6. OMG I have all kinds of serious polish envy right now...I want them all...


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