Monday, December 26, 2011

Lovely Girlie Bits - 2011 favourites part 2

Click here to read part 1!  We're going to continue with the mammoth post dedicated to our favourite girlie bits of 2011.  Ready?

Favourite skin care product. Now, this was tough.  I've been lucky enough to try a lot of skin care products this year and I'll break it down into sub categories if that's OK.  Even if it's not, am totally gonna do it anyway!  Favourite cleanser - Emma Hardie's Moringa balm.  Favourite exfoliator - Emma Hardie's rosehip seeds.  Favourite facial oil - Skincare by Mariga's Rosehip oil.  Favourite night cream - Origins Night a Mins.  Favourite daily moisturiser - Emma Hardie am/pm moisturiser.  Favourite mask - Origins Clear Improvement active charcoal mask.  Favourite eye cream Origins Plantscription.  Favourite powerhouse product - Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate.

Favourite nail polish brand under €5. I think we're so spoiled with the amount of affordable polishes out there right now and I'm torn between NYC and Essence polishes.  They've a fantastic range of colours and they're the ones we buy the most when wanting to try something new.

Favourite nail polish brand over €5. Also a tie between China Glaze polishes and Sally Hansen complete salon manicure.  Love em love em love em!  Let the record show that we do have new additions to both sets of polishes since taking these photos, but that's what happens when you love something!

Favourite nail polish shade. This is so hard because I love me some nail polish.  But I will make myself choose just one and it is Ruby Pumps by China Glaze.  My second favourite is Sally Hansen's Blue Calypso and came to Spain with me twice this year.

Favourite perfume. This year was the year of Elie Saab.  Stunning perfume that I bought on my way home from Spain and every time I spray it, I'm brought back there.  

Finally folks, I've left the best till last.  My favourite product of the year that has changed my beauty life!  

I can't say enough good things about Babyliss' Big Hair styler and if you were lucky enough to get one for Christmas then you'll know what I'm talking about.  If not, go on out and get yourself one in the sales.  It's that good!  I gave one to my friend for her birthday and two of my pals asked for it for Christmas after playing with mine.  The best purchase of 2011 hands down!

What were your favourite products of 2011?


  1. Love these posts!
    I actually used to have one of those babyliss stylers but it used to work really well and puffed my hair up big time! :D
    As for the nail faves are the Rimmels and the Collection 2000s at around £2 a bottle! x

  2. I got the Babyliss Big hair for xmas after reading your review and now my friend is getting it too! And funnily enough, the price has gone UP since Christmas, well in Argos anyway :J And I got the eye cream - really rate your reviews!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Hi, I totally agree with Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate (I get LeColloc to maasage my face with it quite regularly and it is lovely!).
    On the Babyliss Big Hair however, I am faced with my usual inability to use any other appliance than a GHD on my hair, bought it, tangled my hair on it, didn't see any result.... it is now looking at me very sadly from the shelf!

  4. Thanks for the shout out :) hope you have a fab 2012.

  5. Oooh, so many pretty things! <3 I love all of the nailpolishes. And I really want to smell the Ellie Saab perfume!

  6. Abbeyisadino - aw no, I can't believe the Big Styler broke on you!

    Shelleyti - how cheeky of them to raise the prices of the Big Styler! I know it was €49 in Harvey Norman before Xmas. Good luck with the eyecream, I'm on my second pot now :)

    Dawniepants - fanks darlin!

    McMademoiselle Likes - I think the Superskin Concentrate was one of my fave finds of 2011 for sure. That sucks re the Big Hair :(

    Mariga - Happy New Year to you too :)

    Summer - Love love love Elie Saab perfume, let me know how you get on if you pick it up :)


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