Monday, December 12, 2011

Shellac manicure from Nu Essence

Everyone knows how slightly obsessed Karen and I are when it comes to nail polishes... We cant get enough.  But like most polishes, give it several days and you can guarantee it will start to chip and it's time to reapply.  So when Margaret at Nu Essence on South Anne Street invited me to try out their Shellac manicure I was delighted.  I'd never heard of Shellac until last summer when my manager got a Shellac manicure before going to Spain.  I oohed and ahhed over how flawless her nails looked and when she came back from Spain, her nails still looked perfect.  They hadnt smudged or chipped!  So with my work Christmas party just around the corner, the timing was perfect!

I was greeted at Nu Essence by the Salon Manager, Fiona who asked what colour I was looking for.  Shellac comes in 12 different colours but as I hadn't picked out a dress for the Christmas party yet, I opted for the french manicure.  Whilst discussing our love for all things reality TV and Louis Walsh, Fiona filed and shaped my nails and applied a Shellac base.  When one hand was finished, it was placed under a UV lamp while the other hand was worked on.  This process was done after each coat.  Next Fiona used a Shellac white nail varnish to do the french tips of the finger nails, with an amazing eye for detail and the steadiest hand!  This was done lower than my actual nail so the regrowth wouldnt be obvious over the next couple of weeks.  Then Jessica's, GELeration in Blush (another nail varnish brand similar to Shellac) was applied over each nail to give it a natural look.  The nails were filed once more and ta-da I had a gorgeous, long lasting, cant-wait-to-show-everyone Shellac manicure. The process took about 40 minutes in total as extra care was needed for the french manicure and I am delighted with the results.

These are pictures 2 days after the manicure and they are still perfect.  I love the fact that when I'm getting ready on Friday for my Christmas party, I won't be freaking out trying to do my nails and not smudge them, or worrying about a last minute chip.  It's the ideal manicure for a wedding or if you wanted perfect nails for a holiday.  Fiona mentioned that it is possible to use regular nailvarnish over Shellac, but to use an acetone-free nail polish remover.  As I got the french tip, it may stain the Shellac nails, but I might try it closer to the time I need to get it removed.

Prices start from €30 which includes a free removal.  Thanks so much to Fiona at Nu Essence for my gorgeous nails.  I'm definitely converted to Shellac and can't wait to get another manicure in the New Year.

Nu Essence recently won the Dublin Living Awards' Dublin Beauty Salon of The Year 2011!  They offer a huge range of gift certificates if you have a beauty lover you're buying for.

IPL Laser starter pack - 2 areas €40.
Party Girl - full body spray tan & Shellac polish €60.
Best seller Bliss Express - luxury back, neck and shoulder massage & Dermalogica mini facial €70.
Nu Eyes - eyebrow shaping, eyelash & brow tinting & Myscara application €60.
Short and Sweet - luxury back, neck & shoulder massage & nail shape & polish €50.
Shellac - guarantee salon perfect nails with Shellac polish €30.

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  1. Oh these are fab,very pretty. I got the Gelish ones done in Carter Beauty last summer and LOVED them they look so natural :) I tryed to do a french manicure myself with Sally Henson kit it didnt look too bad, also the Essence french manicure kit is not bad and its only €4.50 only thing is it chipped after a day or two! Doh !

  2. i've booked in to get these done for new year and wasn't to sure but after reading your post i'll definitely be getting them :) x

  3. @kayleigh - you wont be disappointed at all. Im still ooh-ing and aah-ing over my nails and i got them done on Friday! Still perfect :) Dyin to get them done again

    @lesley - I dont have a steady enough hand for doing a french manicure on myself and I think every girl deserves to treat herself to a manicure every now and then. Gonna get my mam to go to Nu Essence with me in the new year for a Shellac Manicure too!

  4. @Dawniepants - thanks :) Still cant stop looking at em!


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