Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sleek Pout Paints - Minx, Mauve Over, Port and Pin Up.

A few weeks ago, I was in Belfast for the day and found myself in Superdrug, hmm, funny that.  My main mission was to pick up the Sleek Berry Palette, which I did and you can read about it here.  Having sent my mam and Joanne off to another shop so I could browse in peace, I meandered through the aisles, seeing what took my fancy.  And these did!  I'd been meaning to pick up some of the Sleek Pout Paints for ages and after much hmming and hawing and will I or won't I, do I need this one and that one, I finally decided on five of them.  I chose a white one which I won't bother showing you, needless to say, it's white and I won't be wearing it on it's own.  I'll be using it to make some custom shades that I'm sure I'll fall in love with and never be able to replicate again.

Anyway, the Pout Paints are a cheaper and much more readily available version of the OCC Lip Tars that have been all over Youtube for ages now.  As you know, I'm slowly getting into more colourful lipsticks so I picked ones that I thought I'd actually get some use out of.  Those ladies who love their strong lips, I'm talking to you ArtDonatella and Actionmags, will love these.

Let's talk swatches and then we'll talk details.  First up is Minx.  It looks kind of rosey brown in the tube, but once applied, it gives a nude lip without being too corpse-like.  This is the most wearable out of the ones I bought but I think I'd mix it with one of the other ones to darken it a smidgen just for my skin tone.

Mauve Over is a bold lippie if ever I saw one and reminded me of some of the contestants from this year's X Factor.  They went doolally with the bright lips and this is a mad colour that I'd be scared to wear on it's own.  If you're in to purpley fuchsia lips, then this is the one for you.

Port is a rich, luscious, wine coloured lip paint that looked really dark in the tube, but once applied, gives the most gorgeous plum lip and I am in The Love with it.

Finally is Pin Up.  If you're looking for the perfect red lip for Christmas, this is it.  I mean, look at it.

They have the consistency of a lip gloss, but the pigmentation of a lipstick.  Sleek say you can apply them with your finger but I think because of the pigmentation, a lip brush is most definitely needed for a nice clean finish.  There are 11 shades altogether and can be mixed and matched as much as you like.  Along with the mad white one is a blue one and neither are meant to be worn on their own, unless that's the look you're going for... The white one will obviously lighten the colour and the blue will intensify and darken it.

I think for the lighter shades, your lips need to be in good condition, and mine are not right now.  I haven't worn them all day yet but probably will this Saturday and will report back then on how long they lasted.  I can't imagine popping one of these into my handbag on a night out though.  I can just see myself trying to reapply and making a holy mess of myself just because they're so pigmented and every mistake will be obvious.  They're great value and will last me ages.  You need only the weeniest amount to do your full pout.

They're available to buy on Cloud 10 Beauty and on Beauty Emporium for €5.70.

What do you think ladies?  Will you be getting all artistic and creating your own custom made lip colours?


  1. I loove Pin up, they look great on their own but I would image using a white and blue would alter the shades a lot more

  2. Haven't heard of these so I've been educated, thanks Karen x

  3. Mauve Over is deffo up my street, although I probably would tone it down just a smidge! Port is really nice too!

  4. These look great, I won Port recently but haven't tried it yet.

  5. Fab - I'm loving all four of them!

  6. I love them!!! I must get my hands on them!

  7. They are all gorgeous i want all of them!! :)

  8. These look so great! Usually when I see these colours in these tubes I think they won't be good but these look great!

  9. Love these! I have Mauve Over and Port and I must say they are REALLY well pigmented. I swatched them on my arm when I got them, and it left a bit of a stain :p

    I really love Minx after seeing the pic, might have to get it now!

  10. Ooo I love pin up and think I need that in my life... C factor has put me slightly off the bright lippy. Not totally though ;)

  11. Glad you like them ladies! I think I might get the blue one too so I can play around a bit more with shades (any excuse really)!


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