Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Splitting up for Christmas

No, this is nothing about break ups!  This post is to show you how you can buy value packs and divide them up among friends and if it just so happens that there's an uneven number and you've one left over for yourself, there's nothing you can do about that now is there?

Since we're all being a bit more financially conscious, this is a great way to buy a bunch of things and pick and choose what to give to each friend, making a little hamper of treats.  Or get one of those cute little Christmas gift bags, some colourful tissue paper and make the bag look all pretty.  Or if you're feeling really conscientious, wrap each thing individually and then your friend has loads of little presents to open.  (That being said, feel free to curse me halfway through wrapping each item, get fed up and then use loads of sellotape to wrap the living daylights out of everything, making your friend have to work to get to the goods.)

Anyways, these first value sets are from The Body Shop.  Starting top left and working clockwise we have:

1. Gift Cracker - Season Lip Balm - €19.95.
2. Mini Lip Gloss Set - €17.50.
3. Festive Trio - Seasonal Body Butter - €19.95.
4. Seasonal Hand Cream Trio - €17.50.

The next set of gift sets are courtesy of Beauty Emporium and Asos.  Starting top left and working clockwise:

1. China Glaze Let It Snow Seasonal Glitter Sparkles - €16.95, Beauty Emporium.
2. Nars Drop Dead Gorgeous - £22.00, Asos. 
3. OPI Best of the Best - Beauty Emporium
4. Nails Inc Show Stoppers - £15.00, Asos.

More Beauty Emporium and Asos bits!  Again, from the top left and clockwise:

1. Smiths Rosebud Three Lavish Layer Vintage Tin - €21.95, Beauty Emporium.
2. Cath Kidston 3 Spotty Nail Files - £5, Asos.
3. L'Occitane Hand Cream Trio - £20, Asos.

Finally are some goodies from Roger & Gallet and the lovely Girls Aloud ladies!

1. Roger & Gallet Quad of Perfumed Soaps - €19.50, pharmacies nationwide.
2. Eylure Girls Aloud Gift Box - €21.25, Debenhams.
And that's it folks, I could have been online for the night and made this a massive post with all the value sets that are out there now.  This was just for some inspiration and maybe for you to get creative!

Will you be splitting up for Christmas?


  1. Good idea, lady! Look at you being all creative... xo

  2. Great idea!

    For my gift giving this year, I'm going to bake all the things I've been wanting to bake for ages, but have been terrified that it would go to waste/I would eat it all.

    Now I can make everything, have a taste and give the rest away! I love giving gifts :)


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