Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel

It was one of those days before Christmas.  I was standing in Debenhams queuing up to buy something when I looked around me and there were bottles and sets from The Body Shop all around me.  Naturally I started opening them and smelling them, to pass the time obviously, I wasn't on the market for a new shower gel or anything, just passing some time....  Anyway, I flipped the lid of this bottle and immediately fell in love.  I hadn't even looked at the bottle beforehand, I was doing one of my favourite activities.  Blind smelling body products.

Wide eyed, I looked at the bottle to see it was a shower gel from the Moringa range from The Body Shop.  Now, if it hadn't have been for Emma Hardie and her gang introducing me to Moringa extract and it's benefits, I wouldn't have had a notion what this was and I didn't know The Body Shop had a Moringa range.  Now I do and I am a happy girl.  The shower gel contains a moisturising extract from the leaves of the"miracle tree" along with Community Trade honey to thoroughly moisturise one's skin.

The bottle I bought costs €6 in Debenhams and I think it might have been on sale but I'm not 100%.  The Body Shop has the full range so to have a look and a smell in there.  The gel itself lathers easily and doesn't dry out my skin.  The white floral scent lingers for a little while and then dissipates away gently.

I know this is a long post for a shower gel, but when I find something unexpected that I love this much, I feel like I need to tell you all!  In my mind, when Christmas is over, it's Spring time, it doesn't matter what the calender says.  To me, this is Spring time in a bottle.  It's feminine, delicate, fresh and floral without smelling like your granny.  I have loved using this every day since getting it and will most certainly be repurchasing it.  When I was in town, I saw that there's a body scrub and body butter to go along with the shower gel.  I wasn't too pushed on the smell of the scrub, it didn't smell like the shower gel, but the body butter was gorgeous and I'll pick that up next time too to keep the feeling of Spring in the air.

Have you tried any of the Moringa range from The Body Shop?  If you have, em, how come you didn't tell me about them sooner?!

Check it out if you want to feel a bit of Spring in the air.


  1. If it smells anything like the Emma Hardie balm then I'm sold!

  2. I'll have to bate my way through Molton Brown before I can give this a shot but it sounds laaavely!

  3. Oh im telling you girls, this works wonders!

  4. Ah Moringa... I'd say it's the one and only shower gel I only buy at Body Shop. Over priced, yes, but suh a lovely smell!

  5. Moringa can be especially beneficial for people recovering from injuries or chronic disease, and those who suffer from certain muscular conditions. These properties also help make moringa a safe and effective diuretic.


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