Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eve Taylor Advanced Skin Therapy first look

I'll hold my hands up and say that up until last year, I'd never heard of Eve Taylor and her products.  When I took a look at the website and read some reviews online, I came to the conclusion that I'd obviously been living under a rock.  Eve Taylor is massive in the skincare world and launched her own professional aromatherapy skincare line in 1968 which was soon followed by a line for those at home who wanted to have the spa experience at home.

The newest range in the skincare line is the Advanced Skin Therapy which is packed full of active ingredients to help replicate the skin's natural functions while incorporating Eve Taylor's essential oils.  I was given some of the products to try out and when it comes to skin care, it takes time for a review to happen.  I've been trying out other products and have it's finally Eve's turn, so stay tuned for a review in about a month or so with a more in depth look at the science behind it all.  I thought I'd give you a run through on these few products first.

First up is the Hyaluronic Acid (€39.95).  The scientist in me was dying to learn more about this and I discovered that we have Hyaluronic Acid in our skin tissue and as we age and have more exposure to sunlight, our levels of Hyaluronic Acid decreases.  Applying this to the skin provides intense hydration and fills the space between collagen and elastin fibres and helps keep the skin plump.  I want plump skin thanks.  I've had a lot of sun exposure over the years and am excited to give it a go. 

Eve Taylor Hyaluronic Acid
Second up is the Telomere DNA Cream (€49.95).  I feel like I'm back in college again learning all about the science behind the product, it's great!  Telomeres form part of your DNA at the end of the chromosome.  When your cells divide, the telomeres get shorter until the cells can't divide any more and the ageing process quickens.  Telomere DNA Cream promises to help increase the lifespan of the cells, sounds like powerful stuff doesn't it?
Eve Taylor Telomere DNA
Of course there needs to be an eye cream when we're talking skincare products.  The Eye Complex (€32.95) contains ingredients to target fine lines and dark circles.  It's a light cream that has anti inflammatory properties and contains both Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Eve Taylor Eye Complex
Triple C Vitamin Complex (€48.95) contains three forms of Vitamin C to ensure maximum results and leaving you with radiant skin while helping protect against environmental stress and free radicals.  After reading a bit about Vitamin C and it's role in helping improve your skin, the Complex has stable forms of Vitamin C, so those with sensitive skin don't have to worry about the acidity of Vitamin C exfoliating their skin. 

Eve Taylor Triple C Vitamin Complex
Ultra Rich (€41.95) is basically the powerhouse of the range.  It contains Hylauronic acid, Alpha lipoic acid which helps prevent future skin damage, Essential oils and vitamins, creating a product that helps "over-stressed, dehydrated and prematurely ageing skin".  

Eve Taylor Ultra Rich
Finally is a little gadget that had me stumped at first!  What you're looking at below is an Ion Wand (€32.95), which helps the active ingredients in the products above to be absorbed into the skin more effectively using Ion Technology.  What you do is apply whatever product you're using onto your skin.  The wand doesn't have an on/off button.  Instead, you create a circuit by holding the wand in your hand and making sure your hands are on the silver part along the body of the wand.  Then by placing the silver tip of the wand onto your face, you complete the circuit.  The moisture in the product allows the small electric current to flow through the wand and it vibrates gently.  The wand stops vibrating automatically when the product has been absorbed into the skin and is dry.  I can't wait to have a proper play with this and see if it makes any difference!  The current is said to help the product to be pulled deeper into the skin and helps it absorb quicker.

Eve Taylor Ion Wand
I'm looking forward to getting stuck into these products and letting you know how I get on with them.  Has anyone tried any Eve Taylor products?

Click here to learn more about Eve Taylor and her vast range of products.  The Advanced Skin Therapy range is only one in a huge number of products!


  1. I only heard about this brand recently but I'm looking forward to hearing about how you get on with this lot.

  2. I'm a sucker for their lovely packaging already!

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  3. Ooh, I'm very interested in that hyaluronic acid, can't wait to hear how you get on xo

  4. You'll have to forgive me, but I'm really dubious about that Telomere DNA cream. It's very unlikely that whatever active ingredient is in it will absorb far enough into the dermis for it to work, never mind it getting to the nucleus, and actually acting on telomeres (to prevent them from shortening).

    Cancerous cells usually manage to elongate/maintain their telomeres, to keep them dividing indefinitely. I'd bet that if this active ingredient actually acted on telomeres, the FDA would be all over it, requiring investigations as to whether it could be carcinogenic.

    Sorry to be so negative :(

    1. Don't be sorry Kat! I'm still learning all about this myself and was just giving an overview. As I use it and research more, I'll be able to give more info, sure it's the scientist in me :)

    2. Thanks for being so nice Karen, I felt really bad after leaving that comment! My BSc is in genetics, so it really gets my goat when brands tout "DNA technology" as I know it's just a marketing ploy. Though they're all at that, so I should be less sensitive. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with the range! x

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