Thursday, January 12, 2012

Going going gone...

Let me set the scene.  You find a product you love.  Really love.  You use it freely and happily, delighted to have finally found an amazing product that works for you.  You shout your love from the mountain tops, telling all your friends to get it and try it and convince them that they'll love it just as much as you do, except you know they won't, it's not possible.  But you want to revel in your own smugness if they fall in love with it.  Then, without warning or any comprehension on your part, the company discontinues it... How very dare they...

Exhibit A

I'll start off with the hardest one to talk about... This was my holy grail foundation... Lancome Adaptive Continuous Skin-Balancing Makeup.  Sigh.  Yes, I know it's sad that I kept the bottle after all this time, but it's a little memento of a time where my skin looked amazing every single day.  No shine, it stayed put, it was the perfect shade, can't say a single bad thing about it.  Except it's gone... I have mourned the loss of this foundation and every time I see the bottle in my stash, there's a little stab in my heart.  This is the reason why I have fifteen (at least) foundations on the go at the moment, trying to find that perfect one that will come close to my Adaptive.  Still, I love trying new foundations so I'll hopefully find the holy grail again.

Exhibit B

After Christmas, Joanne and I took a drive up to the CCO in Junction One Retail Park outside of Belfast.  I picked up this foundation from Clinique from the Stay-True Makeup range in the perfect shade for me.  After using it once, I knew I was on to something special and have been giving it a proper "go" since, before reviewing it properly.  Imagine my panic yesterday when I was searching for the price in euro and discovered it was discontinued.... Raging isn't the word.  I will still give it a full review next week... It deserves it.  I'm going to get in touch with Clinique to find out what they'd recommend as a replacement.  So close...

Exhibit C

A few years ago, I went through a phase of wanting Sienna Miller's hair.  You know, the sexy, tousled beach waves, looking like she made no effort at all but woke up that morning having gorgeous hair.  I have tried many texturising sprays over the years to try to replace John Frieda's Beach Blonde Ocean Waves which was discontinued ages ago.  And yet I can't bring myself to use the last bit in the bottle.  I need to keep it for the time when I need sexy summer hair in a jiffy.  Failing that, I may have to go to ebay and pay big bucks for this, but it's worth it ladies, in the words of Sinead O' Connor "nothing compares to you".  Double sigh.

So ladies, what products have been discontinued that you love and miss a lot?  Share with the gang and let's mourn our losses together.  We may even need to set up a support group.



  1. You should give the Teint Idole Ultra foundation by Lancome a go. It's brilliant and it should come in a similar, if not the same shades!

  2. I hate when they discontinue products I love. Thankfully it hasn't happened to me in a while (well not since Lush reversed their decision to discontinue Trichomania Shampoo).

  3. So frustrating that you found the Clinique product and loved it, just to find out it's discontinued! Soz K xo

  4. Argh I hate this! I'm currently very worried that Illamasqua is in the process of discontinuing Lies cream blush as it's my favourite highlight ever! I'm sad that you have 3 things you love that we're discontinued, that is rubbish.


  5. They discontinued one of my favourtie MAC Lipglosses. Can't remember what it's called now as I lost the one I was sparily using. :( And a gorgeous nude MAC eyeshadow as well which they told me was discontinued. Why do they discontinue stuff?? It's not fair!!! :(

  6. @Emelie - Thanks for the heads up, I'll deffo have a look at that one :)

    @Paula - ooh i like that Lush reversed their decision, fair play and worked out well for you!

    @Emma - I know, devo... The search continues!

    @Sarah - Stock up now on your cream blush if you have an inkling, can't have you going through this too... ;P

    @irishaoife - Sucks they discontinued your fave lipgloss, we always find these things out too late and have no time to stock up!

  7. Not a beauty item but Kinder Bueno Eggs... found them once in a shop, bought a packet, fell in love and never found them anywhere else after that. I may have shed a tear when I went back to my local shop and saw they did not have any left.

  8. Ya I got a free 7 day sample of the teint idole too they doing this at the moment in Ireland the uk and I love it I think there is a choice of 2 foundations 1 for more coverage and one for light I did a post on the teint idole if its any help to u :)

  9. I'm selling this on e bay, the adaptive foundation, it's the palest shade but it's too dark for me. It ends later. I love your blog btw, so nice to see a girl that's pale as me, and honest about products!


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