Thursday, January 5, 2012

Joanne's favourite gifts/buys from Christmas

Firstly, can you believe that Christmas is over!  Does anyone else feel like it was weeks and weeks ago since you were stuffing your face with Christmas dinner and chocolates?  Very depressing.  But, to lift my spirits up, I was a very lucky lady this Christmas and I got some wonderful Christmas pressies as well as some fantastic bargains in the sales.  Here are some of my favourites -

I have had my eye on this ever since I saw it in a magazine. (I even commented on my love for it to U Mag which they printed!)  Once I saw it in person in Warehouse, I couldn't help but ooh and aah over it, but I didn't need a faux fur coat so I was too afraid to try it on in case I fell in love but couldn't afford it.  And then my wonderful family came along and got it for me for Christmas.  I heart it so much and I cannot wait to wear it around the streets of Amsterdam next month :)  Its a gorgeous minky colour and feels so soft.  I can see getting great wear out of it over the years

2 - Bag from Spain
My wonderful boyfriend Will had the most thoughtful present for me this Christmas. Backstory - we went to Spain for 2 weeks last Summer, our first holiday together, and in Santa Pola there is a small leather shop, where everything is handmade by the man that owns it (the leather man as we funnily enough called him), Toni Dura.  He has everything from necklaces and bracelets to hats and wallets, bags and belts.  It's all gorgeous and amazing quality.  Knowing my obsession and love for bags, Will some how found Toni's email online, and wrote to him in English, but used Babel Fish to translate the email to Spanish, and vice versa from Tony, and they came up with a bag and a design for me, all handmade.  It is gorgeous and the smell of the leather is just divine. 

The bag was slightly to long for me though and I panicked at the thought of having to send it back to Spain as I couldn't wait to use it, so I tweeted Alba Barret @TheZipYardD2 to see if it was something they could fix.  Alba came back straight away to say it shouldn't be a problem.  I went to The Zip Yard on South Anne Street the following evening and lunchtime the next day my bag was fixed.  It was absolutely perfect and the Zip Yard did an amazing job, so thank you so much!

3 - Warehouse jewellery
The last couple of months I have noticed Warehouse have changed up their jewellery and I literally love every piece of it now.  It is now all so pretty and dainty and not too in your face, which I love!  Karen knows me too well and got me two necklaces from Warehouse too, one for Christmas and one for my birthday (thanks Karen!) and both are just stunning.  Cannot wait to wear them both.

4 - Carvela boots from TK Maxx

Everyone that knows me knows I love a bargain, Karen has seen me literally run in some shops where I spot a "sale" or "reduced" sign, so TK Maxx is the perfect shop for me :)  On the way back from Junction One after Christmas, we stopped by TK Maxx in Boucher Retail Park and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these Carvela boots on sale!  I saw them in Dublin for €99 which I thought was amazing but after buying these Rockport boots.  I couldn't justify spending another €99 on boots.  But these bad boys were £29! Yes, you read it right...  SUCH a bargain that they had one size 6 left and one size 5 so I got a pair for my Mam too.  Made the trip worthwhile.  They are the perfect height for me to wear all day with my bad joints and I love the colour of them too.  Perfect for the Spring.

What wonderful things did you find in the sales?  Wish payday wasn't so far away as I can't wait to hit the shops again...


  1. Love your coat J - have been wanting a faux fur one myself for a while and thought I snagged one in the ASOS sale but when it arrived it was terrible on me so had to send it back :(

  2. @Fluff - ah no way!!!! I *love* my coat but the sizes were all v weird! I got a size 12 and tried on 2 different size 10s that were bigger than the 12 with longer sleeves.. v odd.

  3. Oh I love the faux fur coat!!!
    I have a trip to Moscow lined up at the end of the month, and absolutely need this coat.

  4. The coat is gorge on you! Love the leather bag, such a cute pressie :) X

  5. Everything is lovely, I love the boots particularly. What a find.

  6. that coat is fab! And I too can't believe that Christmas is over. Tbh though I love Christmas but I'm a bit sick of it so I'm sort of glad to see the back of it for another 12 months lol!


  7. @McMademoiselleLikes It would be *perfect* for Moscow! I think you should get it asap! :)

    @Dee thanks :) Am wondering if the coat may need a thickish brown belt so I dont look like the reincarnation of Pat Butcher, but I do love it anyway. I think the bag is the most thoughtful pressie I ever did get :)

    @adoreabubbles - Can you believe it! 29 pounds! literally was chuffed for the 2 hour car journey home to Dublin with that find :)

    @Dawniepants thanks - kinda wishin it was colder though so I could wear it more :) This year didnt feel like Christmas at all, which I didnt mind one bit!


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