Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lovely Girlie Bits on the Interweb this week!

Over Christmas, the beauties asked moi if I wanted to write a guest post for them and I jumped at the chance!  Then, became very scared.  I spent ages thinking about what to write.  It was like being told by your teacher to just write an essay about anything and you start about four different ones, trying to find something decent.  Anyway, I finally settled on my topic when driving along one day and decided to write a post on when I think you should splurge on products and when you should save.  Click here to read it if you haven't already and let me know if you have any tips on when to splurge and save!

A much easier, but not that easy, post to write was for the gorgeous Emma over at Fluff and Fripperies.  Did I spell it right this time?!  Emma asked some of her blogger peeps to give some insight on their new year's resolutions so click here to head mine.  So help me I'll stick to one of them this year... At least I'll try!

Thanks a squill ladies for asking me to be a part of yizzer brilliant blogs, you made me and my lovely girlie bits very happy altogether!


  1. Loved your post on there, and agreed with most of your save / spend points.

  2. I loved your spend/splurge post over on, you were spot on.

  3. Ah you're so sweet K, thanks a mill for being part of my Resolutions mini-series :)


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