Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lovely Girlie Healthy Bits - Week 1

This week wasn't too bad at all.  I got a touch of food poisoning on Saturday night after having some dodgy prawns and don't think I can go near them for a while but other than that, food-wise, I did alright.  I started eating properly on Monday.  I packed my breakfasts and lunches and drank my body weight in water.  I started drinking my hot water with a slice or two of lemon in it first thing in the morning and I'll keep that up, it's a nice way to start the day.

I had major bloats on Monday but kept on and did my exercise, my first of the week.  I spent the weekend organising the house and making room for my cross trainer and got it set up on Sunday, so I have no excuses now!  On Tuesday I went to the cinema with the brilliant CherrySue and we had arranged to go out for dinner beforehand.  Because of this, I had eaten twigs and dust for lunch knowing that I'd probably be having a few more calories that night.  Technical difficulties meant we went to Eddie Rockets for food and I was very good and had a chicken wrap and was pleasantly full afterwards.

The rest of the week was quiet enough.  I had salads for dinner and one of the nights tried sweet potato again and loved it.  Let's just say I was trying the sweet potato for the fibre content... This always happens to me when I watch what I eat and was partly the reason why I started back on the hot water and lemon.  Hopefully next week will have things moving more often and a bit more smoothly.... *ahem*  I did my time on the cross trainer and was pleasantly sore the following mornings.  No pain no gain wha?

Anyway, I weighed myself Friday morning and had lost 3lbs!  I have it in my head that if I lose half a stone a month, I'll be well sorted by the time New York comes around in November.  I don't want to become obsessive about counting calories and letting it consume me.  I've been there and done that and I can't sustain it long term.  So I'm just making healthier choices.  I'm cutting out the amount of rubbish I eat, I still have a cup of tea and a biccie or a small KitKat after dinner and I'm getting exercise.  Slow and steady.  I read this post by Sinead over at Vivaadonis and it really stuck with me.  I spend so much time in the evenings messing around online and not making good use out of my free time.  So what's 45 minutes or an hour every night?  I pull the cross trainer in front of the TV and have at it.

So ladies, how did your weigh in go?  Share with the gang!


  1. I didn't think it was possible to feel awfuller about technical difficulties on Toosdy. I was wrong.

    On the upside when I'm making, literally, hundreds more euros I shall treat you to some grade A dust. Deal?

    Well done on a great start ;)

  2. Well done Karen, this is a great start.

    I know exactly what you mean about simply making healthier choices rather than obsessively counting calories.

  3. Congrats Karen, great start and love your attitude to it xo

  4. Well done.... Thr start of my diets don't run ahem smoothly either

  5. Well done on staying strong in Eddie rockets! I never could have.

    I've lost 13 pounds in Unislim in the past couple of months. It's coming off slowly but thats ok with me. I wanted to do it through lifestyle changes and then I wanted to keep it off! We'll all be skinny Minnie's soon!


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