Friday, January 6, 2012

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment - I love the smell, there, I said it

After reading lots of reviews of Ojon's Restorative Hair Treatment, I knew I had to try it, for the blog you know... If there's anything weird and wonderful to be tried, I'm there.  I filed it in my noggin, ready to pick it up when I was in town.

I ended up getting it in the CCO in Junction One in November and it has taken me this long to review it because to be honest, I was waiting until I had the maison to myself so that I wouldn't kill Joanne with the smell.  I needn't have worried though because strangely enough, I rather love the scent!  She probably won't but still...  Let me try to describe it.  I don't get the smell of smokiness or ashtrays.  While sitting here smelling my hand like a weirdo, I have decided that it smells almost like incense, caramelly and even has a hint of chocolate to it, a hint I tell you!  It's a musky, manly scent and I can picture myself sitting in the corner of an old-man pub when I smell it.  I am aware that this may not be to everyone's taste though, so smell it first before you buy it.

This is what it looks like.  This little pot cost me around £9 and I figured why not try a smaller size before committing to the full size tub for €39.  Fortified with Ojon oil in it's purest form, this caramel coloured waxy balm is said to bring even the most damaged hair back to vitality, leaving it silky and soft.  Sold.  Palm oil is similar to the lipids found in hair and so it actually filters into the cortex of the hair, replenishing any oil lost from washing your hair.  I wash mine almost every day so when I read this, I was dying to see how it worked.

So how does it work?  Well, I started off by scooping a quarter teaspoon of the treatment out and place it into the palm of my hand.  Then, I warmed the balm between my hands, allowing it to melt.  After that, I had to be completely awkward and applied what was on my right hand into my hair so that I could take a photo of what was in my left hand to show you all.  Very convoluted and I'm sure my new camera will smell like this for ages.  Thank God I love le smell.  This is the transition from hard waxiness to messy goo.

My hair is quite thick and goes just past my shoulders.  I used the amount on the teaspoon there for one half my hair, then the same for the other half.  I felt it wasn't enough so I went back in for another little bit for good luck.  As I've mentioned before here, I have greasy roots and never put conditioner on the roots themselves and I kept that rule here.  I plopped the hair up in a bun and went along my merry way.  I have a weird phobia about sleeping with hair treatments in my locks so I left this in for about three hours.  I can't imagine sleeping with a towel on my pillow, imagine the pillow face I'd have after that?!  And I can't sleep with a shower cap on because the only shower cap in the house is a big panda one.

I washed my hair as normal with shampoo and conditioned it and could tell my hair felt silky.  It took about 2.4 seconds to dry my hair, well, maybe two minutes and the ends of my locks were lovely and soft.  I think I could have done with shampooing my hair twice because I feel a bit of residue in my roots, but apart from that technical glitch, I'm pretty darn happy with the results.  I will wait to see how I get on with it a second time and will use up the rest of this tub.

I don't think it'd work well for those with fine hair as I think it'd probably be too heavy for it, but for those with thick, curly bops, and damaged hair, this is something that could most heartily work for you!  Just smell it first ladies!

UPDATE: So ladies, the day after using the Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment, I washed and dried my hair as normal without using any of the treatment this time.  When I dried my hair, it felt silky and soft.  It felt how I'd hoped it would after using the treatment.  So, the following night I used the treatment again and followed the steps as above.  This time, however, I washed my hair twice with shampoo and conditioned it and that was the key for me I think.  My hair felt really healthy and shiny and there was no residue leftover this time!  

Love it!


  1. Great thorough review! I've heard mixed reports but am really looking forward to trying it myself - will definitely be careful about using too much though as my hair is quite fine.

    PS - where'd you get the panda shower cap from, I want one!!

  2. Well thank GOD! I was beginning to feel very lonely in the Loving-The-Smell corner! xo

  3. Great review Karen.

    I'm not a fan of the smell though, it does smell like ashtrays to me (as did the Joicio stuff I tried recently, boo).

  4. Thanks for the review Karen, I think I will try it on. Thin hair but so damaged I'm sure my ends will love it!
    Leonor Greyl's Palm Oil did nothing for my hair, but I have high hopes for Ojon!

  5. Is this good to use for dry hair?? Anyway, thanks for introducing it with us.

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  7. I can't wait to put that on my hair and see the result. I have read a lot of good reviews about this product. I'm loving it.

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