Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Avon's Blackberry Supershock liner used two ways!

I think it's safe to say that Avon Supershock gel liner in Blackberry is the runaway star of the Smoke and Mirrors collection released this month.  It's the most talked about product and I've had lots of lovely readers leaving comments oohing and aahing over it, so I thought I'd make you ooh and aah a little bit more today and look at what you can do with it.  

As I've said millions of times on this here blog, I'm no make up artist or expert or anything.  I'm just a lunatic who loves makeup in a very disturbing way and expect to be buried with it all when I kick the bucket.  The point of this is that the looks below are simple and easy.  If I can do it, so can you.  There's no faffing about with too much blending or many products this time so give it a go!

The first look is Blackberry Supershock liner on it's own.  I started off by applying it along the upper lashline, smudging it a bit and then applying another layer, just because.  I was making this all up as I was going along and seeing how it turned out. 

Because the liner is so creamy, it's hard to get a pointy tip on the outer edge, so I used an angled brush to create the little flick on the outer corner by dabbing the brush onto the liner itself.  You can see a picture of that below.  I took the angled brush under the lower lash line to see what that looked like and then applied Blackberry along the waterline, ending up with really green eyes!  Look at the difference between the first and last picture!  This is a very dramatic look but is something you can use to finish an eye look with.  

Secondly is a more subtle look that's a bit more office friendly using the two purple shades from the Smoke and Mirrors palette itself, combined with the Blackberry liner.

I started off by applying the Blackberry liner on the upper eyelid and blended it out using a pencil brush to make a base for the eyeshadows to stick to.  Note to self and you all, have your brush close to hand so you can blend the liner quickly before it sets.  I then applied the lighter shadow on the inner third of the eyelid and the darker shadow went on the outer two thirds and under the lower lashes.

To add a bit more definition, I applied Blackberry liner to an angled brush and applied it along the upper lashline.  Some mascara and that's it!  Easy peasy and will stay put because we used the liner as a base.

Now, take a look at the photo below showing the two looks side by side.  I was praying that nobody would ring the doorbell or that I'd forget my two eyes were different and I'd head out to the shops!

Which is your favourite look?  I will happily wear the lighter look to work but there's nothing like a bit of drama on the eyes when heading out for the night, am I right?!

Blackberry liner is available from your local Avon rep or here.


  1. My favorite is that bold one , Its look awesome.

    Love to see you on my blog

  2. Looks fab Karen, must try these out myself! xo

  3. I have this but in the black shade( can't think of its name) but I find it hard to use and get a clear, defined line with. I like the first look x

    1. Try using the angled brush for doing the eye completely and you should get something a bit crisper, x

  4. I am so getting both liners! =D Thanks!

  5. Both great looks but the bolder look is my fave.

  6. love it!!! i've got it and it's my favorite!!

  7. the bold look is stunning, you've beautiful eyes. stunning colour.

  8. Hi ya Karen,

    Love both looks, the lighter look is great for work, will deffo have to get this liner now!!

  9. I know I k ow you can hit me with a stick when I say this but... It really makes your eyes POP

  10. I've been looking for a purpely black eyeliner for yonks! Thank you :D


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