Monday, February 6, 2012

Lovely Girlie Healthy Bits - Week 4

This week was a wonky one.  I was up 1.5lbs but did I freak out?  Not at all.  There are going to be good weeks and bad weeks, that's what happens on a weight loss journey.  Instead of bitching and moaning about it, I dusted myself off and kept going as normal after the Friday morning weigh in.

I went out last Saturday for lunch and drinks and made healthier choices on both counts.  I had a pepperonata pie thingy in Avoca and had some Coors Light afterwards in the pub.  I was good with my exercise but found out on Tuesday evening that Toddlers and Tiaras is a dangerous programme to watch.  I plonked myself on the crosstrainer at 5.15pm last Tuesday and needed something to watch to distract me from the exercise.  I was delighted that I actually got myself on the machine because I was absolutely exhausted all day but figured, go on, get on it and you'll feel great and really smug afterwards.  So on I got and I wanted to stop after half an hour.  But then the ad break came on and they were just about to crown the Queen Supreme in Arizona, I couldn't get off the machine now.  I felt justified in watching it while on the machine, sure I was exercising.  Trashy tv at it's finest.  Turned out a one year old won it but anyway.

I woke up the following morning with some stiffness in my knee and during the day at work, I managed to twist something in my knee and couldn't walk properly or even swivel in my swively chair without yelping.  Dang.  Bloody Toddlers and Tiaras injured me.  I'd obviously spent too much time on the crosstrainer with mouth open at the mental parents and poor kids.  I learned this week not to watch that drivel and to warm up properly.  Lesson learned folks.  My knee is ok now but I couldn't exercise for the rest of the week.  Thank God for painkillers.

I think last week I went a bit mad with the avocados and buffalo mozzarella cheese if I'm honest.  I know avocados are good for you and all but calorie wise, they're not great to have as often as I was, so I'm cutting them down for next week.

I'm on the hunt for a kettlebell class so if anyone knows of one on the north side, please let me know, there are a few of us who want to do it for the craic.  My sister wants me to do Zumba but as I mentioned on Twitter, I need to be very drunk to dance in public, so that's a no-go.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Glad to hear your knee is on the mend and love your attitude to all this Karen xo

  2. AH!n I was watching that episode and exercising too! I was doing my physio bits though.
    Glad to see that you accept that bad weeks happen. Keep looking forward and keep making good choices and it will all balance out in the end!
    Well Done Lady!

  3. Kettlebells are Fab Karen, would you not pick some up and do it at home? I used them coming up to the wedding to tackle the bingo wings and used to do 5 minute bursts a few times a day! You can get them in loads of places now!

  4. The morale of this story is: trashy reality TV & lack of warmup and stretching is bad for you!!
    I'm with you on the avocados, can't get enough of the stuff those days

  5. Well avacados are good fats and according to Liz Earle ladies in their thirties should not have a low fat diet as what's the point in looking skinny if your skin looks shit

    Your doing brill

  6. Karen, you keep on truckin' ... you're doing mighty and one small blip does not a disaster make! Totally agree with actionmags on low fat biz for laydees of a certain age ;)(says she shovelling a creme egg in her mouth)

  7. Keep powering on it's prob only fluid weight so don't worry to much Baby steps in the right direction is the key I've finally started to realise my mind was so warped towards food wen I weighted out 100g of mash at the beginning of this diet I looked at this tiny bit of white stuff in horror thinking I'm going to starve to death but now I'm full after eating my normal sized dinner I don't need 4 portions of mash 2 portions of meat etc it really is surprising how my mindset has changed I never thought I'd see the day I'd set myself up to be fat forever even tho I'd cry bc I have to shop in the special section of new look but that's all changed yes I still have a lot to lose but I haven't been this weight in 3 years n today I wore a jacket that never fitted me n I closed every button n still had room !!! Carry on Hun it will all be worth it in the end :) were all rooting for you xxxxxxxxx


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