Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

When Joanne was in Amsterdam recently, she texted me whenever she came across a make up or beauty shop, like a good sister.  When she said there was a Kiehl's there, I asked her to pick me up their Lip Balm #1 and she did, like a good sister!  Now, I've only ever seen the lip balms in the squeezy tubes and when she brought me home this little pot, I had to search on the Interweb to make sure that it was the same product before telling you all about it.  Well, it is the same so I can tell you all about it!  However, as far as I know, Lip Balm #1 is only available in Ireland in the tubes, not the pots.

Containing ingredients such as lanolin, sweet almond oil and vitamins A and E, this lip balm has earned it's right to be placed on my desk at work.  It has SPF4 in it, not that it makes a huge difference to me right now, I rarely see the light of day, but when the days get longer, I'll be sorted.  Those trying to avoid parabens should note that it does contain two types of parabems.

The lip balm itself is solid in the pot.  However, it melts upon contact with your finger and glides onto the lips effortlessly.  It has a light texture for a lip balm and feels a lot more thin and greasy than Vaseline, leaving my lips with a glossy finish, no stickiness whatsoever.  To me it feels like a lighter version of Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream and it's unscented which is a bonus.  My lips love this stuff.  It has helped them stay soft and is helping repair the constant chapping that seems to be rife thanks to the air conditioned office I spend my life in!  I use the excess to apply to my cuticles, waste not want not don't ya know!

This pot was €8 in Amsterdam and I think the tubes are €11 here but I'll double check and let you know.

Will happily repurchase folks.

What's your favourite lip balm?


  1. Loving the Origins and Avene ones the most at the moment. This sounds great too! xo

  2. Yep, it's €11 and it's a beaut. I've never seen it in a pot either. They have flavoured ones here, Mango being my obsesh. Good spotting Jo!

  3. I think I got a pot in new York about 700 years ago me likey a lot love the tinted lip glosses that sue did a post about too

  4. Hey Girls! Some really interesting info on here. Thought you peeps would like Lipice Pink Sheen Gloss, I just love this stuff. It goes on smooth and makes your lips feel amazing. Like with most lip balms you don't have to reapply this every 5 minutes and you see a difference with the condition of your lips. Mine used to be very chapped and would sometimes crack, but now they are smooth and hydrated. Really great stuff! Should also add I just love the taste.


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