Friday, March 9, 2012

Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick - 377N Midnight Rose

New from Lancome is their Rouge in Love collection with the gorgeous Emma Watson as the ambassadress and the face of the collection. I have serious brow envy when it comes to Emma and after seeing photos of her wearing some of the shades, I wanted to learn more.  So let the student become the teacher!

The Rouge in Love collection is made up of an impressive 24 shades which is split into three categories, "inspired by three different moments during the day of a modern, stylish woman".  First is the Jolie Matins which is made up of light, sheer shades and sounds right up my street.  They're identified with an "M" in the shade number.  Second is Boudoir Time which has bright, vivid shades, perfect for evening time and are identified with a "B" in the shade name.  Rounding out the collection is the Tonight is my Night set of shades consisting of intense, sophisticated shades, full of shine and has an "N" in the shade name.

I was given some to play with and here's the first one; 377N Midnight Rose.  One of the Tonight is my Night shades, Midnight Rose is a punchy pink shade with blue and purple undertones but in the bullet, you'd imagine it was going to be darker.  It has more dimension than a regular fuchsia lipstick, packing a serious wallop on the pigmentation side, but having enough shine to make it daytime appropriate if you're so inclined.

Looking at the bullet, I imagined it was going to be almost matte but as soon as I started to apply it, it melted onto my lips thanks to the nourishing and repairing oils.  I love lipsticks that have this kind of texture, like a lip balm.  I'm a compulsive lip smacker/smusher, whatever you want to call it and love pressing my lips together and being able to smush them if that makes sense.  

My lips felt smooth and soft with Midnight Rose on and I love scented lipsticks, so be aware that this has a light, almost sweet scent.  The packaging is gorgeous isn't it?  Cute, compact and silver with the red lettering on the front, it's smaller packaging wise than a regular lipstick.  This makes me happy because I love to carry a lot of products around with me and so bulk, or lack of, is always an issue.

The creamy formula lasted on my lips for about 4 hours before I felt I wanted to reapply.  It left a nice stain behind on my lips and an even longer lasting stain on my arm where I swatched it!  I scrubbed in the shower and there was no getting rid of it (or them, I'd swatched four of these babies, so I just looked dirty!) and had to call out the big guns, alcohol wipes from work which did the job.  I like the fact that it stains my lips because it looks like it wears off more gradually that way.

The Rouge in Love lipsticks are €25 and are available now exclusively to Brown Thomas in Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway and will be available on Lancome counters from April 1st.

Do we like Midnight Rose?  Actually, I should rephrase that, do you like Midnight Rose, because I love it!


  1. That is a gorgeous colour! How am I going to choose when end of my challenge comes???

    1. I hope you're saving your money to go wild when your challenge is over!

  2. I love the packaging and I love when you can smush your lips together -

    1. Packaging is so cute! And it's good to know another lip smusher

  3. Love the colour, wearability sounds perfect too. Adding to list :)

  4. Me likey, Me Lovey!! Perfect pinky/red on you


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