Friday, March 23, 2012

L'oreal Caresse Lipstick - Dating Coral review, swatches and photos

While wandering through Superdrug earlier this week picking up my Maybelline Color Tattoos, I stumbled across the L'oreal stand and had to go swatch crazy on my hand like a good beauty junkie.  I'd forgotten about the Caresse line of lipsticks and as soon as I saw them and caught site of the word "coral" on the tube, I knew, psychically if you will, that this would be mine.  I love coral anything and this is the nicest coral anything I've gotten in a good while.  Lookit:

The packaging is nice and simple; a transparent tube with the gold cylinder containing the lippie.  The lipstick itself has a domed tip and you get a decent amount of product for the amount.  I think I paid €9.95 for mine in Superdrug but it was around the €13 mark in Boots.

The formulation is creamy, glossy and has the consistency of a lip butter but with a decent amount of pigmentation.  It's one of those lip products that I can apply at my desk and not worry too much about having a mirror because I can feel it easily on my lips.

L'oreal Caresse Lipstick - Dating Coral: No flash (top), with flash (bottom).
This is one of my favourite lip products right now.  It's peachy, it's corally, it's glossy, it's moisturising, it's easy to wear, what more can you ask for?  Dating Coral lasts about an hour or two before I have to reapply.  The shiny gloss goes first but there's still colour left on the lips, so it fades easily.  Have a look at my before and after lips shot.

I love everything about this lipstick and will most likely pick up a couple more over the next while.

Do we like?


  1. How purrty!

    I'm also a coral fiend - need to keep an eye out for one of these bad boys

  2. Looks lovely :) brill for spring

  3. Bought this today along with another revlon lip butter.

  4. I really like this one!! But they only had 6 colours in Boots in Jervis and this wasn't one of them. *sad face*


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