Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter

Back in January, I professed my absolute love for The Body Shop's Moringa Shower Gel.  How I managed to write a post solely on a shower gel is beyond me and it was with much sadness that I finished it up a couple of weeks ago.  Then, as if Harry Potter himself flew in with his wand and said "Wingardium leviosa" which we all know makes stuff fly, not make stuff appear in your post box, this was sent to me.

The Moringa Body Butter has literally brightened up my days like nothing else.  It's spring time in a tub with a bright and delicate floral scent that I can't get enough of.  And when I'm this excited about a product, I need to tell everyone around me.  So much so, that the other day, one of the girls from work came into my office to "have a bit of lip gick" (translation: apply some lip balm slowly so we can have chats and not get busted.)  As she applied the lip gick, I shoved my arm in her face and said "Here, smell me, I smell gorgeous" and as she inhaled my lovely scented forearm, one of the other girls walked by the window and stopped in her tracks.  Busted.

Since getting it, I've been applying it after my morning shower.  It's a thick, unctious body butter that absorbs in a couple of minutes so I wouldn't recommend getting dressed right away.  Stay in your nudie patoodies and let it sink in.  Once that's done, I get dress and go about my business for the day; essentially making people smell me.  I apply it at about 7am and I kid you not, I can still smell it when I'm going home at 4pm.

I haven't needed to wear perfume with this and while we're on the matter, if The Body Shop ever makes a perfume in this scent, put me at the top of the list to buy it!  The Moringa Body Butter comes in at €18.95 and I will purchase this myself without any hesitation and I think it's going to be sooner rather than later, as I've been decanting the butter into little pots for my chums to try.

What's your favourite body butter from The Body Shop?


  1. Sounds divine! Must give this a sniff next time I'm in the Body Shop.

  2. I love the coco and shea butter but they are winter scents - this one sounds light?!
    Luxury in a pot!

  3. hehehe... I can just imagine you at a bus-stop... "Here, you! Will you ever c'mere to me now, here, now smell me arm..."

    It sounds heavenly. Just what my itchy dry post winter skin needs....

  4. I've been using Body Shop body butter too.


  5. I love the Body Shop! They have such wonderful products. This moringa line smells so beautiful! :D

  6. Moringa is very powerful plant that is used for many health problems. Moringa are used as an herbal medicine remedy against many known diseases. Its tree is a fast growing tree and can be seen in almost every street in Manila.


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