Monday, April 16, 2012

Brown Sugar Charity Sunday

On Sunday May 13th, Brown Sugar Hair and Beauty are opening their doors for a charity day in aid of St. Francis Hospice Raheny.  Almost a year ago, Brown Sugar lost one of their team, Eugene O'Reilly to cancer and they're hoping to raise €10,000 for this worthy cause.

This is an organisation that's close to our hearts too.  We lost our dad to cancer in 2009 and the staff at St. Francis Hospice were amazing in his final weeks, supporting both him and us.  When we first heard about this charity day, we knew we'd be taking part in it no matter what.

As you may know, Brown Sugar is our favourite hair salon ever.  It's the only place Joanne and I go to get it snipped and Christian Shannon is our hair guru.  The man can do no wrong.  Joanne went to get her hair cut on Saturday and when she told him she wanted lots off, he said no way Jose, the length was perfect and he just gave her the most gorgeous layers and added shape to the front.

Don't you hate her for having gorgeous hair with no bloody split ends?!  Anyway, Joanne and I have booked ourselves in for a wash and blow dry first thing on Sunday the 13th and are delighted that it gives us an excuse to go to our favourite salon to get pampered and help this worthy cause.

Every cent will be donated to St. Francis Hospice and the staff are volunteering their time for the day.  They do hair, make up and even HD brows, so do something good and book yourself in that day.

Ring Brown Sugar Hair and Beauty, 50 South William Street, Dublin 2 at (01) 6169967 to make your appointment and we might see you there!


  1. Lovely hair and for a great cause!

    Lucy x

  2. Amazing hair, I'll definitely see I've some mullah to get my hair done on the 13th now. What a great cause! x

  3. Your hair is absolutely incredible.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Joanne, your hair is absolutely gorgeous, such a worthy cause xx

  5. Can't get over the length of Joanne's hair, it's fab! It sounds like a great event for such a good cause :)

  6. I have serious hair envy. Will book myself in on the 13th and see if they can do something with my mop!

  7. Aaagghh, I didn't see this earlier! Joanne, your hair is phenomenal, I can't quite believe he improved it - wowsers. I'll try to book my unruly scrag head in too and will share this tomorrow, as every sane person is already asleep. Long ago.

  8. Oh dang, I already got my hair done last week, but such a fab cause indeed! Also, serious, fantastic hair envy here, Joanne! So not cool to have such fab hair :(...xx

  9. Amazing hair Joanne ;) don't cut it ...great cause will see if I have funds then

  10. Thanks for all the hair love ladies :) I used to hate getting my hair done until I went here :) They treat you so well and love the back massaging chairs while getting my hair washed! Heaven!!!
    It's a great way to try Brown Sugar as it's for such an amazing cause and I can guarantee you wont be disappointed :)

  11. Joanne your hair is so beautiful it makes me want to weep with jealousy!!! *glares at own fine hair with split ends*


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