Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs - get your legs out!

It's allegedly Spring time right now although I'm not convinced.  This is Ireland and we are professionals at showing our skin at the first sign of sun.  I mean, hands up, who was out in their t-shirts and shorts back in March for that summery week?  Yep, I knew it.  Ah, good times.  I hope you enjoyed it because that was our summer.

But fear not, we can still get our blue legs out thanks to Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, a product that most ladies of Ireland will know about.  Except the folks at Sally Hansen have listened to us and taken out the glitter, so we can have natural matte legs ready at a moment's notice!

It still comes in the usual three shades, Light Glow, Medium Glow and Deep Glow but now it's water resistant which is perfect for Ireland since we have a huge amount of water falling from the sky at all times.  Not to mention drinks that are invariably spilled all over yourself on nights out... Or is that just me?  (Group hugs with drinky poos are never going to end well, eh CherrySue, ahem)

Anyway, since wedding season is fast approaching and nobody wants to have to wear thick flesh coloured tights (a la Mrs Doyle) to hide any blemishes on your legs, Sally Hansen Airbrush legs is here to save the day, or your legs in this case.

I was sent the three shades to show you and I was delighted because earlier this year, I spent about three weeks trying to convince my mam that she needed to use my Light Glow Airbrush Legs to wear to a wedding.  She was wearing peep toe shoes and I couldn't let her wear tights when you can see the toe, it's a big no no for me.  It just makes me think of the mad nuns we were taught in school by, tights and sandals all the way.  Needless to say, she fell in love with it and was telling all her friends about it and I never saw it again...

Now, let me explain a bit.  I would show you these in action on my legs but I'm growing my leg hair like a hairy monkey in preparation to get it all whipped off me, today actually, in a new salon, more on that soon.  So in the interest of wanting to keep you reading my blog and not vomit all over your keyboard, I'm showing you the colours on my hairless inner arm.

No tan (left)

First up is Light Glow and probably the safest colour for us blue tinged ladies.  This is just one layer applied directly onto my arm and rubbed in with my hands.  If I was using this on my legs, I'd use a tanning glove to rub it in properly.  As you can see, it's natural, not shiny and it went on evenly.  I frightened the life out of myself by spraying too much on my arm but it left a nice sheer finish that didn't make me look like I had mannequin arms.

No tan (middle)
After spraying too much of Light Glow, I was a bit more careful with Medium Glow and sprayed it lightly.  You can see on the left that it's quite a bit more orange in colour but once blended, gives a nice, well, medium glow!

No tan (middle)
Finally we have Deep Glow, the one I was most afraid of.  I actually said "Oh holy Jesus" when I sprayed it first on my arm, I mean, look at it!  But once again, a bit of blending did the job and although it looks pale on the photo on the right, in real life it's a bit darker and will be absolutely perfect in the summer when I want a darker colour on my legs.

These are €13.95 and are available from pharmacies nationwide.

So go on, talk to Joe, are you a Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg fan or are you rocking the blue leg look this season?



  1. I seen these in Dunnes the other day and pondered over them but didn't buy. You have made me regret not getting it to try out!

  2. Great post karen!massive fan of Sally myself,i find it so easy to use..lash it on ,blend out and you're good to go.i use the lightest shade,it really takes the ugly grey hue out of skin without making you look like a mandarin..And it gives a lovely,natural non streaky effect. defo a Fav for me!

  3. I got one of these (older version I think) for my man who has colour on her legs but has some veins and this covered up the veins and looked natural... Great stuff altogether

  4. I meant mam as in mother not man as in hairy ape ... Apologies although I wonder could I test it on him

  5. Great review!! :D

    I've used one of their airbrush leg sprays before, and it really went all over anything my leg touched. D:

  6. i was so against this at first, had visions of straky legs but on a hen night my friend atacked me with it and im completely in love now :) its the bees knees!!! thought the dark would be a lot darker, not too bad is it!!!

  7. I loved the original (non water resistant) and have tried this newer version however it's no where near as good. It's very disappointing as I cannot for the life of me find the original anywhere! x

  8. My Mam bought this the other day in 'medium' glow when it was on offer,she used it on her legs and looked lovely gave a really nice finish so might buy a bottle myself :)


  9. Does the new version transfer as much as the old one?? I love it but my clothes didn't :((


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