Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Getting holiday ready - Wax on wax off at Wax in the City!

Last week I popped my waxing cherry!  I was scared, real scared, but after downing two painkillers (just in case, I'm a delicate flower don't you know), I was invited along to newly opened Wax in the City and put my faith and lower legs in Marjorie Cusack's hands.

Marjorie wanted to open a different waxing studio in that it's a walk-in service for men and woman at really affordable prices.  The team of "Depiladoras" at Wax in the City are trained at the Academy in Berlin for two weeks and then their trainer comes back to Ireland to supervise them for a further two weeks.  Marjorie showed me around the studio and I immediately loved how bright, colourful and non clinical it was.  Everything was sleek, polished and spotless, right down to the swishy string curtain!

As it's a walk in service, if you need to wait, there's free wifi and a comfy couch in the reception.  There are ten rooms, minimally but brightly decorated.  Wax in the City use only warm wax based on high quality natural beeswax and don't use strips, making it fast and thorough.

So how did I get on?  Well, let me first confirm that although CherrySue wanted me to get my lovely girlie bits waxed for the craic and mainly her amusement, there wasn't a hope in hell that my first ever waxing experience was going to be that!  I figured I'm going to Spain, legs need to be done, so I grew my hair specially.... I don't know why everyone was giving out about how cold it's been, I've been toasty warm... Well, my legs were...

Nema was my "Depiladora" and took really good care of me while we had the chats.  She started at the front of the legs explaining that each section would be done twice.  The first time would be to get rid of most of the hair and would involve one big pull of the hardened wax.  The second round had the wax being pulled off with smaller jerking motions, to make sure every last hair was gone baby gone!

The whole process took about 20-25 minutes, I can't remember exactly.  We were discussing the virtues of OPI's Nail Envy and what guys like to have done in the waxing department.  (Chest and back are the most popular FYI.)

Now, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be!  See, I had a traumatic experience in my early teens where I found some of my mam's waxing strips in her bedroom and not knowing fully how they worked, slapped one on my shin and nearly burst a vessel trying to get it off.  Who made these things?!  Think of me like Monica and Phoebe in that episode of Friends with their Waxene/Painzene!  I will never ever forget that and have ignored the whole waxing world because of that 15 minutes so long ago.

The first round hurt a little bit, but it wasn't as eye watering as anticipated.  The second round barely hurt at all because most of the hair had been removed first time around.  Nema applied some treatment gel to prevent ingrown hairs and I was good to go.  After the treatment, I went out to Marjorie and asked her if I looked different!  I had just gotten waxed for the first time and at €20 for half legs, I'll be keeping it up.

Click here to visit the Wax in the City Facebook page and here to visit the Wax in the City website.  I'm now holiday ready!

Wax in the City, 26 South William Street, Dublin 2, 01-672-4040.


  1. Eep leg waxing is the most painful IMO. My mum used to insist I got them waxed instead of shaving but my lord the pain when defuzzing shins - NO. I get my lady friend waxed every four to six weeks and can confirm it is 100% less painful than legs.

    1. Reeeeeally?? Getting your lovely girlie bits waxed is less sore than your legs?! I'll take your word for it, am still too scared!!

  2. As dissapointed as I am with your chickening out, this is a fab post! You better be strutting those baldy pins in Espania!

  3. Glad to hear about your first waxing experience! I can't exactly remember mine, but like anyone else, I felt the pain. It soon faded away and what was left behind is a hairless leg that is smooth to touch and nice to look at. Isn't that an achievement? Did you go back for another session though?


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