Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer scent series - Beyonce Pulse Summer Edition

Well, Beyonce is back with a new perfume to keep us smelling lovely over the summer months.  I'm a sucker for light fragrances when it's warm and frequently drown myself in them to help keep the clamminess at bay!

Let's talk packaging first.  It follows on from the shape of the original Pulse bottle, but this time the big lid is pink and see through, keeping things light and cheery.  The box itself is a mad, colourful holographic design that makes it stand out on my dresser and believe me, if you saw the amount of perfumes I have, you'd see that this is a big task.  

With top notes of pear, pink pepper and icy mandarin, we're immediately hit with a bright, sweet waft of summery goodness.  To me, this is the young and fruity part of the scent and since I am no longer young or fruity, I'm glad that this part doesn't last too long on me.

The heart of the scent features jasmine (my favourite), ginger orchid and Tunisian orange flowers.  This is my favourite part of the scent and gives me that real summer feeling.  At this point, it's clean and fresh, citrussy and bright and I could smell this all day.  It makes me feel like I'm walking along the seafront in Spain, wind in my hair, sun on my skin and feeling fantastic.

The base is filled with musks and sapphire woods, whatever they are and gives a warm depth to the fragrance.  They balance the fruity top notes and make it more age appropriate for me (I'm old, hence all the anti ageing products I review).

To be honest, I didn't think I was going to like this scent as much as I do!  It doesn't last very long on me, but not many scents do, even Eau de Parfums, especially summery ones.  Either that, or I'm losing my sense of smell!  After a couple of hours, I usually reapply it and go through the journey of the fragrance again, happy that it's summer time.

50mls will set you back a reasonable €19.95 and I'm happy to bring this one I was sent to work to join the others in The Drawer.  Not many things make it to The Drawer.  This is a drawer that I fill with things that any of the girls at work can use whenever they want.  Sharing is caring and it gives them an excuse to come visit me!

Do you want to smell like Beyonce?


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