Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catrice Revoltaire Velvet Matt Lip Colour - Colour Bomb - photos and swatches, it's gorgeous!

Ok, it was payday and I had to walk through the chemist beside work to get to Tesco.  Except I can't just walk through a chemist like any normal person.  No, for me to not buy stuff in a chemist, I have to not allow myself go in... Tuesday was not that day.  I had a mini shopping spree and couldn't wait to show you this stunner from the Limited Edition Revoltaire collection from Catrice.

Say hi to this Velvet Matt Lip Colour in the shade Colour Bomb.  This gorgeous corally watermelony lipstick immediately stood out to my by colour alone.  Then when I realised it was a matte shade, my interest was piqued even more!  I've never tried matte lipsticks, fearing that they'd be too drying on my lips but I needed this colour.  And as for the packaging?!  So pretty and elegant, like me (hah!)

It went into my lips really easily and smoothly.  I was expecting it to drag but Colour Bomb was the bomb (sorry) and didn't let me down.  It left my lips with a satiny matte finish but when I smooshed them together, there was still some slip there, so not drying at all.  I'd advise to make sure your lips are well moisturised though before applying this, to be sure to be sure.  And it's worth it.  Look at the colour....

Colour Bomb is brighter in person but it's summer and what better time to go bright on the lips.  I can't say enough about the finish and I'm not sure if that's just because I'm a newbie to matte finishes or what, but I think I've started a new obsession!  ( I can hear my bank balance weeping)  It lasted a good three hours before starting to fade and as it faded, it left my lips slightly stained and ready for more.

If Colour Bomb is speaking to you, go pick it up soon as it's limited edition and you'd be raging if you missed out on it!  It was only €4.49 so no excuses and is available from selected pharmacies nationwide, Penneys and Dunnes.


  1. What, matte? Se ya laters :) thanks for the heads up! x

  2. I cant pass a Catrice stand ..just cant

  3. I love Catrice seriously have some great stuff. Love that colour, perfect for summer. Great buy x

  4. I have never heard of this brand before. The colour is very pretty and i think the packaging looks like it should cost more than the €4.49 that it is. Great find xx

  5. That looks lovely on you! I love catrice polish but I've never tried their lipstick.

  6. Stunning! Kicking myself I didn't pick this up too when I got the Bloody Red, but I remember thinkin it looked a little like the Kate Moss 16 lippie. Definitely goin back to get this if it's still there! Beautiful on you! x

  7. That's really nice! Can't believe you guys can get this in Tesco! Darn you Catrice for not coming to NI!!!
    S xx


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