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It's here! Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Éclat review with photos

It's the one the beauty world has been waiting for.... Touche Éclat in foundation form!  And the worldwide exclusive launch belongs to Brown Thomas Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway from yesterday, June 28th and will hit YSL counters nationwide from July 14th.

So what's it all about I hear you ask me?  At the launch a couple of weeks ago, there were screens on the wall displaying a message; "The light belongs to YSL" and it couldn't be more true when it comes to this foundation.  Twenty years after the launch of the much loved but never reproduced Touche Éclat, it was time to bring the technology from the cult highlighter and apply it to our faces.  And so Le Teint Touche Éclat was born.

Coming in 22 shades, each shade having three different undertones, theres really something for everyone in the audience.  Described as being an "illuminating foundation", giving "dimensional radiance" and "weightless perfection", it really ticks all three boxes and it's full of volatile oils (not sure what they are but the didn't do me any damage) and moisturising agents.  €38 is the damage but you'll have it for ages and I think it's always good to invest in a good quality foundation and this is a fantastic one.

Now, Joanne and I have completely different skin.  I have an oily T-zone and normal cheeks where hers is dry and sensitive, so I figured we could cover a lot of ground with our two faces!

Herself is up first.  I had to ask Joanne I don't know how many times to try the foundation as I knew she'd love it but after a week of poking, prodding, guilting and other sisterly ways of making the other one do something they don't want to do, I had to resort to desperate measures; sitting on her.  Not really.  I made her sit down while I applied it to her face and neither of us could get over how natural it looked on her skin.  I've tried doing her make up before and her face would flake no matter how I applied the foundation, so this was a revelation in Casa Girlie Bits.

You can see how much it lifts her complexion and basically makes it look like her natural skin.  There are no opaque powders in the formulation, having been replaced with a soft focus gel which diffuses the light and smooths away imperfections.  She loves it and it has to be left in a communal area like a moisturiser we both love but more on that next week.

Now on to Oily Mc Oilerson.  I had a different experience with it.  I love the coverage it gives and it really does even out my skin tone, letting my skin breath and shine from beneath.  It feels weightless on my face and as I type this (with one side of my face free from foundation and the other side looking like below), when I stroke both cheeks, like you do, I can't tell the difference.  That's how light in texture it is.  Like Joanne, it gave me a terrific glow, but as an oily skinned person, I'm very aware of too much glow looking like grease.  And I have a massive forehead so I was quite self conscious that I would blind someone if the sun hit off my noggin.  I don't like wearing powder during the summer, so I was a bit stuck.  Until I found a product that all oily skinned ladies will thank me for and I'll have a post on that later.

But here are the photos of me with no foundation (sorry), one layer and a second layer just on my cheek.

You have to admit I have a bangin' glow on my cheek don't I!  I wanted to cover up my cheek a bit more so I went back in time and channeled YSL international make up artist Fred Letailleur who showed us how to work with the foundation at the launch.  He suggested patting the second layer of foundation on with a foundation brush and it worked like a dream.  I've been applying the first layer with a buffing brush to even out my skin tone and then patting on an extra little bit where I need it.  If you're an oily skinned lady, you will probably need to powder down your T-zone but don't do your cheeks, leave them be with the radiant glow.  If you don't want to powder, come back later to see what my new favourite face product is that goes under this foundation beautifully.

So in conclusion, these are the main points we love here in Casa Girlie Bits!

  • It is fantastic for layering which is great for when you're heading out from work with no time to take all the make up off and start again.  It doesn't cake at all.
  • It makes you glow like you're lit from within.
  • It is an absolute cinch to blend and you don't have to worry about any foundation lines, I promise you.
  • It feels like you're not wearing any foundation at all!  This pleases me.
  • It made me look younger in my photos above and for that, I love it!
  • Joanne can apply it without my supervision and if you know Joanne, this is huge.
  • Oily skinned ladies will need to powder but dry skinned ladies are good to go with this baby!
Will you be trying Le Teint Touche Éclat ladies?  What am I doing even asking you, go on and head to Brown Thomas and put it on your face to see what I mean and glow baby glow!


  1. your cheeks are glowing indeed! definitely worth the wait :)

  2. It looks fab Karen, I have to try it!

    1. Thanks Laura, let me know how you get on with it!

  3. Looks great! I'm def going to get a sample of this!

  4. Fantastic review Karen, love that you both gave it a lash (Jack). I wouldn't be without mine now and will totally be buying another when they go on sale - the sign of a winner if ever there was one :)

    1. We're both loving it missus, I think most people are at this stage!

  5. I love this foundation, although being oily myself, I find that on the last few humid and hot days we have had in Dublin, the foundation has disappeared right off my T zone, powder or no powder. Maybe I need more powder and to blot every now and again.

    I hope you don't mind me saying, but the shade both of you have used looks a shade too dark and too yellow. There is bound to be a perfect match in the range, though.

    1. I found the foundation itself stayed on grand, it just got super shiny as the day went on, so I needed something underneath it.

      The shade is deffo off for Joanne, I was colour matched and it's a pretty good match in real life. I just made her use mine! And in trying to take the photos, it looked off compared to real life on Joanne, it was so annoying! There are 22 shades and each shade has 3 undertones, so deffo something for everyone!

  6. wore this for 3 days...loved it but on day 4 its broke me out..i was told this foundation is NOT oil free but that the oil is a dry oil..(???) whatever it is it doesn't like my skin..tiny little bumps all over my face...:(

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  8. Hello, thanks for this hilarious review! I've bought this foundation a few days ago and I absolutely adore it!

    Greetings from Holland!



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