Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Favourite Five posts of the week! 17/06

So it's the end of another week already and what a week it was!  Let's start with my Favourite Five posts from my fellow bloggers.  So as Dermot O'Leary says, here are the results in no particular order!

1. CherrySue made us name our Holy Grail products and I love reading what people love as it gives me a grand excuse to go buy/try more stuff.  Click here to read everyone's responses and I of course had to get in on the action too.

2. In case you don't know, I'm a big huge massive Stila lover and when I saw Mag's post on the new Set and Correct Baked Powder Trio, I did utter a little "ooh".  I will be buying this for sure.

3. Jane over on British Beauty Blogger also made me go "ooh" with her swatches of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains that are going up against Clinique's Chubby Sticks.  I am mucho intrigued and can't wait to try them out!

4. I was over the moon when I saw one of my favourite bloggers and make up artists was back in Ireland and back to blogging!  Check out the gorgeous Heather here and her Sunset Eyes make up tutorial.  It's a stunner!

5. Eadaoin over at City of Blackbirds has an absolutely stunning post on the Bloom in the Park festival and literally every photo she has there could and should be in a magazine.  Go see and leave her some love.

So I've had quite a mad week altogether ladies.  It started off with the Loreal Colour Trophy Awards that were out of this world and dare I say it, even better than last year?!  Of course, I didn't take one photo of any of us but we were most definitely the bloggers at the whole thing.  If you'd looked over at our table, you'd have seen us all on our phones, tweeting away!  On Tuesday I went to the launch of the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation and will have a review up after I've tried it properly, but so far, so good!

Five things I've learned this week:
1. I really need to work on my car sickness issue.  Although hurtling down the road at 140km/hr won't help things.
2. I really do have the bestest, most encouraging group of gals around me who will tell me in a heartbeat that I need to do something when I have the jitters.
3. I am very brave when it comes to trying different foods, although it's good to have someone who is brilliant enough to have a napkin and handbag close by and will take one for the team by hiding some food in said handbag.  That's friendship man.
4. There are so many of us out there in the world who really do enjoy The Daily Mail, so just admit it ladies, we love to read about the Kardashians and many conversations have been started by "Oh I just read on the Daily Mail..."
5. Sometimes things are really just a matter of personal taste!

I hope you had a good week everyone and here's to another great one!


  1. Haha the Daily Mail! It's so true, so many people read it but won't admit it. I read the articles online and I can't believe how many people comment!

    1. Everyone pretends to pooh pooh it but we all secretly love it!

  2. Churrs for the shout out, Lady.

    Loving the things you've learned too - I may never get over travel sickness when I'm not driving - am a big baby :)

    1. Notta bodder flossy, and I really do need to work on the travel sickness part, it's so annoying!

  3. i love finding new blogs from this!!!


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