Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Real Techniques brushes!

Last week I decided to treat myself to some brushes.  Like you do.  I've been wanting the Buffing Brush from Real Techniques for ages now and couldn't find it sold on it's own anywhere.  So I had to bite the bullet and get the Core Collection.  I decided to buy them from Cloud10Beauty.com and lads, 45 minutes after I bought them and some other bits and bobs, the order had been shipped!  So I got them the next day and didn't have to set foot in town.  Happy days.

The Real Techniques Core Collection* retails at €24.99 on the site and you get four brushes and a case that can be used as a stand for the brushes, or for storing them.  It's great for travelling and as you'll see below, it fits more brushes than just these four.
From left to right we have the Detailer Brush that I'll be using either for applying lipstick or concealer, the Pointed Foundation Brush that I don't see myself getting much use out of to be honest because it's too small for foundation.  I'd be there for the day trying to use it for foundation so maybe I'll try it with concealer.  Second from the right is the Contour Brush that is used for contouring or applying blush and finally, the much loved Buffing Brush.  They're all made from synthetic bristles and are 100% cruelty free.

I've already used the Buffing Brush and it's so plush and soft.  I've just been using it to apply blush and blend in bronzer but I'll be giving it a go with foundation this week.  I've used the Contour Brush to apply my blush and it's great for precise application.

I also picked up the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush* (€11.99) in the hopes it would make me an expert, but the jury's out on that!  I've been using it to apply my foundation and I love it.  It's dense enough to apply the foundation evenly and flexible enough to blend it.  Dare I say that I prefer it over my Sigma F80?  Or am I just saying that because Joanne has robbed said F80 and I need a replacement?!

For those of you looking for a possible new foundation brush and have your eye on the Buffing Brush, I'll do a little compare and contrast with that and the Expert Face Brush.  Size wise, the Buffing Brush is fuller and thicker, making it good for both foundation application and blending of cheek colour.  Based on my initial thoughts, I'll only use the Expert Face Brush for foundation.  The tapered bristles are a bit more stiff and don't allow for as much blending with powder foundations, but for cream and liquid, it's perfect.  Only thing is, if you want the Expert Face Brush, it's only €11.99 but if you want the Buffing Brush, you need to buy the whole set for €24.99.

I think the Core Collection is a really decent set of good quality brushes at a reasonable price.  I've already talked one of the girls at work into buying a set herself as she's building her own collection now!  The case/stand has extra elastic on the left hand side to hold more brushes and it closes perfectly with the addition of my Expert Face Brush!

Have you tried any of the Real Techniques brushes yet?  What should I try next?



  1. I got the core collection a while ago (I think I did a post) loved them
    Initially but have forgotten about them

  2. I think the foundation brush is amazing for concealing the undereye area, haven't tried the expert face brush yet, but it's on my list :)

  3. I absolutely love my real techniques brushes! I'm at a point that they form my daily brushes and I'm lookin around wondering what I used before. I too bought the core collection purely because they don't do the buffing brush on it's own, although I also had my eye on the contour one. No regrets! I now also have the eye essentials starter kit and am *pbsessed with the delux crease brush for concealer. I also have the blush brush and the stippling brush. Hoping to do an updated post soon just to express my love. :)

  4. okay so I too wanted to get the core set out of my Boots points but it's never in stock so maybe it's not meant to be :D
    Do i really need this if I have the f80? I do love all the other real techniques brushes I may or may not have purchased ( kabuki, blush, base shadow, stippling, setting)
    And Karen one more q if you don't mind, how do you find the contour brush? I;m debating in between this and a 109 for the longest time I can remember.. XOX

  5. I used my Boots points to get the Core Collection, I use the pointed foundation brush to apply highlighter :) x

  6. I really want to get the core set and the expert face brush, all other realtechniques I have are wonderful and I bet these would be as well. Thanks for sharing and I very much appreciate the comparison because that can make it or brake it for some people. xoxo

  7. I have the blush brush which is amazing. Really tempted to buy this kit!

  8. Ive only got the stipple brush.... now I want all these

  9. Hi where did you buy the expert face brush? I've been looking high and low for it everywhere and can't seem to find a place that stocks it even though they have the other brushes!! :(

  10. Great post!

    @Anonymous - You can get the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush here - bit.ly/14Qq1Wx

  11. Where online can I find a brush roll to fit all of my RT brushes in one roll??....Please help me!


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