Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sleek Ultra Matte Palette - V2 - Darks; swatches, photos

On a recent trip north of the border, I found myself in Superdrug.  Funny that, eh?  I made a beeline for the Sleek stand and made a few cheeky purchases that I'd like to show you, because mi casa es su casa and mi makeupy es su makeupy.

The Dark Matte Palette from Sleek spoke to me and it said "Oh hai, buy me, you probably won't wear me because I'm made of mad colours and all, but you're a collector and you know you want me".  So I listened and bought it and can't remember how much I bought it for, but it's on Cloud10beauty  and on for €9.

Matte shadows can tend to be on the chalky side and mucho unblendable.  There's nothing worse than putting a matte shadow on and as soon as it touches your eye, it stays put in the exact place you touched your skin with the brush and no amount of elbow grease will move it.  Your €9 will get you 12 mineral based shadows that are really pigmented and more importantly, easy to blend.

L-R: Orbit, Ink, Highness, Noir, Dune, Pillow Talk

L-R: Thunder, Maple, Flesh, Paper Bag, Villan, Fern

I haven't used them in a look yet so I can't tell you about durability, but stay tuned next week when I'll be giving them a shot on my eyeballs.  The swatches above are of two swipes of each shadow, so pretty pigmented for a matte shadow.  The colours are a bit off though.  I love Orbit, Ink, Highness, Maple and Fern.  The rest are just ok.

I've a little beauty to show you tomorrow that knocks the socks off this matte palette.  I'd hold off on spending your money as it's not that special a palette.

What do you think ladies?  Am I missing something?



  1. I picked up this palette and, like you, thought the colours were just OK so put it back. Will wait to see what knocks its socks off!

  2. I got this palette last week played with it a couple of times want to play with it more before i do a final review on it but like you it was one of the palettes i had to get out of curiosity lol
    oh im excited about tomorrow and seeing what you have for us girl will tomorrow ever hurry up :) :)

  3. I was looking at the Sleek palettes when I was in England last week, and even had one in my hand... but changed my mind. I wanted the nude one, but the colours seemed a bit too dark for me. Plus I have a huge Urban Decay palette, so I feel that I shouldn't be getting any more! I'll be interested to see how they hold up when you try them out though.

  4. Gosh I'm quite impressed with those swatches. I went a bit Urban Decay nuts post-Naked palette and cannot be buying anymore eyeshadows!
    S xx

  5. I love the look of Fern and Ink :D Have fun with it!

  6. Ooooh I saw this one today in Superdrug and was torn by it and Storm. Ended up buying neither but definitely going to chew this one over some more. I'm new to the world of matte shadows, but already owning the Acid and Original palettes, I know I'm definitely a Sleek fan!

    Echoing Sara, I'm very impressed with your swatches - I probably wouldn't use Pillow, Talk or Maple that much as I'm not really into really pale neutrals but the other colours are just gorgeous! Good to know, as ever with Sleek, that they're soft and easy to blend. Thanks for sharing!


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