Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MAC Ring of Saturn Mineralize blush review - Heavenly Creatures collection

I've been shopping.  In MAC.  But I only bought two things.  So that's not so bad eh?  And I'd done my research so was in and out in 3 minutes.  And I haven't bought anything from MAC since last year, so I was due a mini splurge, correct?  Yes, thought so.

This is Ring of Saturn.  My first ever Mineralize Blush and it won't be my last.  I already have my eye on other ones but I must resist!

Described as a "teracotta and gold melange" ( I love the word melange, no idea why), this was love at first swatch.  I'd wanted to pick up Magnetic Attraction eyeshadow from this collection but once I swatched them side by side, they looked too similar to warrant getting them both, so Ring of Saturn was the lucky one to come home with me.  I don't think it's a teracotta and gold melange though.  It looks more rosy pinky in the pan. 

Swatched though, it becomes this gorgeous gold frosted peach shade that is so flattering on the skin.  It's quite similar in shade to Nars Orgasm, but it's more pigmented than my Nars Orgasm, so totally justified in having the two in my collection *ahem*.  I've tried this on my eyes too and it's gorgeous.  My green eyes become even greener and on my face, I get a beautiful flush of colour on my cheeks along with a much needed glow.  I don't feel very glowy these days what with all the rain and clouds.  So I'll take all the help I can get in the glow department.

This lasts a good eight hours on my skin, only starting to fade towards the end of my work day.  The shimmer is more of a sheen and as the light hits my cheek, I look positively radiant, even if I barely slept the night before!
Ring of Saturn set me back a very reasonable €23.  It's last me for ages and I know I'm going to get great use out of it.  And we all know that Girlie Maths wins hands down.  I wear it for 23 days, it's a euro a day.  But I can't see myself putting this down any time soon folks.  It's a stunner!

Stay tuned to see my other purchase tomorrow!

Have you picked up anything from MAC's Heavenly Creatures Collection?


  1. Oh my oh my,this is divine! Looks gorg on you karen.now wheres my wish list.....

  2. Oh you're bad Karen, you're soooooo bad! (excellent choice though I must admit!)
    I avoid MAC as much as poss these days, primarily because I really don't need any more stuff but also because I always get sucked in to buying something from these new collections...

  3. I will be avoiding mac until the Marilyn Monroe collection comes out

  4. I love MAC's new collection, I bought a few bits I just couldn't resist! The new cremesheens in the collection look gorgeous too! :)

    Emily x


  5. Oh sweet jebus I LOVE this! Had thought it'd be too dark for moi but it's so flattering. FECK!

  6. is it very wrong that I have never even been to a mac counter, ever? this is very pretty though and very tempting....

  7. I want I want I want! Maybe on Friday!

  8. I'm a bit behind but I LOVE this shade on you :) gorgeous xx


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