Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Favourite Five! 29/07

Ah, we're fast approaching the end of July and another week is over.  It was a great week for blog posts and these are the ones that inspired me the most this week!

Simone has this post on make up organisation and I think only true make up lovers like us all really get how exciting it is to find fabulous storage for your stash.  She's totally inspired me to organise my own collection so stay tuned for my own make up storage post in the hopefully not too distant future....  First I need to do a massive clear out!

This post by Laura of Buy Now, Blog Later made me go oooh and then made me want to shell out the €45 or thereabouts for this stunning Tom Ford lipstick...  Droolfest or what?

I'm all about trying to save space when travelling and Fluff and Fripperies' Emma has the lowdown on travel kits you can bring away with you and not worry about lugging big bottles of products around with you!  It's all about packing smartly ladies!

Julie is celebrating her 2 year blogoversary over here so go stop by to say hi and she's also having a little giveaway to say thanks.  Well done on reaching that milestone Julie, here's to the next two years!

Ok, another one about storage but I can't help it!  I've wanted this for ages and when Sile over at Emerald Eyeliner did a post on her new storage unit, the want was stronger than ever.   Wouldn't it be perfect for nail polish?


I've been doing some thinking lately and as my own two year blogoversary fast approaches, I've been pondering more than ever about how to improve the blog.  I want to make a banner, redesign the blog and so to help this happen, I'm going to be accepting sponsored posts.  They'll only be ones that fit in with the blog and you're under no obligation to read them!  I'll be accepting advertising too and taking advantage of having a pretty decent following here so thank you in advance for understanding and I'll hopefully make you proud with what I've planned for the next few months!


  1. I don't mind sponsored posts as long as its clearly stated, blogging takes time and resources!!! Great round up post as ever x

    1. Ah yeah, of course it'd be completely clear and labelled :) Thanks lady :)


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