Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New from Clarins - Instant Definition Mascara - Intense Plum, photos and review

Last week I brought you the fantastic 3 Dot Liner from Clarins and the next product I've to show you from their upcoming Autumn range is their Instant Definition Mascara (€25.42) in the shade Intense Plum.  Sounds a bit scary but fear not, it is very subtle colour wise and is really flattering on.  Coming in a sleek gold tube with a little indent containing the letter C, you know time has gone into designing something so classic.

Let's talk wands first shall we as we all know, the shape of a wand is ever so important for a lady to be fully satisfied.  Ahem.  There's two distinct parts to this mascara wand, the slightly oval shaped belly so to speak and the tapered plastic tip.  This part allows you to get every single teeny weeny lash at the inner corner and adds more definition to the lashes on the outer corner. 

I've a method that works perfectly with this mascara.  I use the main brush part to coat all of my lashes with the formula and this itself adds serious volume and curl.  Then I use the tip to get the lashes on the inner and outer corners and also use it to push up the ends of the rest of my lashes.

You want before and after photos yeah?

Adding length, volume and separation of lashes, Instant Definition Mascara really does make my peepers look normal again.  There's a reason why I need mascaras ladies and I've pretty much no lashes without it!  It doesn't feel crunchy when it dries which is always muy importante and it's easily buildable but I find I don't need any more than one coat which is what you're seeing here.

At the end of the work day, my lashes look exactly like they did at 7am that morning.  There's no smudging, flaking and the curl stays put.  This is a pretty fantastic mascara and I now want to try it in black!

What do you think ladies?  You likey?


  1. That's impressive! Looks great!

  2. This has honestly shot to the top of my fave mascaras, there's no way it looks like a plum just a seriously flattering lash batter. Love!

    1. We love to batter the lashes don't we? hehe I love that it's subtle but not black and not brown, lahve it

  3. OMG your lashes look amazing!! I need that mascara in my life!! Love your blog, love reading irish blogs! :D now following xx


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