Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Avon Lucky Penny nailwear pro+

Oh ladies.  There are a few things that make me as happy as I am right now.  Finding a nail polish that embodies an entire season is one of those things.  Model's Own Hedonist was my Polish Of The Summer and I'm pretty sure that Avon's Lucky Penny is going to be the Polish Of The Autumn!   Just look at it.

A stunning burnished copper shade with a shimmery metallic finish, this polish comes alive and almost flickers in sunlight.  I'm thinking leaves changing colour, pumpkins being carved for Halloween.  You don't want to know what my cousins and I carved a couple of years ago.  Or do you...  Was totally easy and my aunt did not murder me. 

Out of the sunlight, it appears more opaque and I'm instantly made think of warm jumpers, scarves and stew.  I know, I'm a weirdo but this is what happens in my noggin when I'm playing with something gorgeous like this.  There are no streaks and two coats will do you like in these here photos you be looking at.

I love that in some light it's rusty, then coppery, then orangey.  It's one of those ones that will have you admiring your nails from all angles and if driving, make sure you keep the admiration to when the vehicle is stationary.  Road safety and all.

Lucky Penny will be available from the middle of September for €8, so file it in your calendars and in the meantime, find yourself a representative here.

Since Lucky Penny has come into my life, I really feel like it's my lucky charm and I'm going to do the Lotto!



  1. That is lovely and it does remind me of Autumn! *plots to get Avon catalogue*

  2. i love this color, really pretty :) XO

  3. This is lovely! I have a few bronze polishes - seems this could be the shade for AW!
    s xx

  4. I love it! I have a similar Catrice LE one that I must dig out.... that shade makes me think of leaves swirling and yankee candles :)

    Dying at the pumpkin, hilarious!! x


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