Monday, August 6, 2012

My Favourite Five! 06/08

Well hello ladies!  It's a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland and I've been taking full advantage of it and have been relaxing, seeing pals, getting organised and basically savouring the last bank holiday until the end of October!

So anyways, here be my Favourite Five posts of the week from my fellow bloggers.  The posts that made me laugh, grin, shake my head and basically

1.  My good pal CherrySue told us what she thought of the case of Anthony Lyons and the subsequent sentencing that has sickened the country.  Please read her extremely well written and articulate post...

2.  I'm absolutely obsessed with scents and perfumes and Mags' post on her perfume collection made me smile and relax in the knowledge that I'm not the only mental collector out there!

3.  Nic over at Strawberry Blonde Beauty made me fall in The Absolute Love with this Liz Earle blush.... I think the colour is absolutely gorgeous and the fact that it's called Coral, well, that's the icing on the cake....  I love me anything cordl.

4.  Andreea at showed us Lancome's Genifique Yeux Light Pearl and I'm very intrigued altogether with the little steel pearl thingy you use to work the product into the skin....  Strokey beard intrigued....

5. Sharon over at Behind Green Eyes is doing a 15 day nail challenge and I'm in love with everything she's done so far but this manicure made me squeak it's so cute!  I can't wait to see what else she comes up with!

So that's it for this week ladies.  It's going to be a bit of a busy month but I'm looking forward to it!  I've lots to blog about and tell you so stay tuned!


  1. Thanks very many for the shout out Missus, I really love these round up posts - there's always one or two I've missed :)

  2. Love that Liz Earle blush - and the brush to go with it is also fab xo

  3. Thank you for including me sweetness! :D

    Nic x

  4. I am very honoured to be included with such an amazing bunch ;)


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