Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Favourite Five posts of the week! 19/08

Em, how are we hurtling towards the end of the month already?  I don't know where the week went and I'd no time to read all my favourite blogs until the weekend!  So here we go ladies!

1. One of my favourite blogs of all time is City of Blackbirds and Eadaoin never fails to impress me with her absolutely amazing photos.  Click here to read her beautiful poem and spend some time with her in the park one early morning. Stunning.

2.  As we know, I'm a collector of nail polishes and it's rare that one makes me go "ooh" out loud.  (Thank God for that actually, otherwise people would think I was mad.)  But this polish was love at first sight and thanks to Scrangie, it's all I can think about now, so Orly, you'd better bring this Halloweeny polish to Irish shore, k?  The fact that it's called RIP is icing on the cake, am I right CherrySue?

3.  My bloggy pal Emma over at Fluff and Fripperies made me stroke my not so imaginary beard whilst reading her review of the new fragrance from Chanel, Coco Noir.  I've yet to have a whiff of it myself but something tells me I'm going to love it after reading her post....

4.  I met Julie from Musings of a Make Up Maniac last week where she was wearing this faaaaaabulous lipstick from Tom Ford.  We all oohed and ahhed over it and of course had to see it in person so we could test out the clickability factor.  I want it.  Tommy Ford lippie, you will be mine.

5.  The queen of all things nails (should we make that her title now?), CherrySue, has some dos and don'ts for keeping your nails in tip top condition and I need all the help I can get.  I pretty much do all of the Don'ts so I shall go hang my head in shame and promise to live by those tips and tricks!

This week was such a busy one in work and I'd some great evenings out as well.  On Monday I had a looksee at what new polish shades are coming out from Avon and they're gorgeous!  More on them soon.  On Wednesday I went to an evening of perfume and fun where we learned how to describe scents a bit better from the gorgeous Odette Toilette and we all had a ball.  Trying to compare scents to wine and feathers was difficult but I'm hoping to put what I learned into my perfume reviews from now on.  Love it!

Did you have a good week?


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