Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Essence Oh My Glitter and Max Factor Fantasy Fire - Photos, swatches and much swooning

Another day another gorgeous polish from Essence's Colour To Go collection.  This time it's the shade Oh My Glitter.  Oh My Glitter is a mid toned purple shade shot through with pink and blue micro glitter and is a joy to look at on the nails.  It's subtle enough that at arm's length, it looks like a regular mid toned purple polish, but when you look closer, it's just gorgeous.

Essence Oh My Glitter
The first coat is pretty sheer and I won't lie, I was a bit afraid it'd take four or five coats but I needn't have worried.  Two coats would have done the job but I went for my photo friendly three coats.  In these photos it looks more lilac but in person it's more purple and vibrant.  Lots of the girls at work commented on how pretty it was and I had to agree!  I took some photos with the flash on so you could see the micro shimmer a bit better.  
Essence Oh My Glitter
Now, when I first applied Oh My Glitter, I was immediately reminded of another gorgeous polish in my collection that I haven't showed you yet.  The much talked about Fantasy Fire from Max Factor.  That's a much deeper purple base full of multicoloured shimmer and makes me hold out my fingers straight and then wiggle them to see how the it changes colour in the light.  Only do this at red lights if you're driving. 

Max Factor Fantasy Fire
This is two coats of Fantasy Fire on top of the three coats of Oh My Glitter.  Yes, my nails looked so thick at this point with about eleventy billion coats of polish but I didn't care!  I had mad gorgeous nails.  Take a look at Fantasy Fire with the flash on the camera.  Stunning isn't the word.  Well it is really but just shhh and look at it.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire
I've tried Fantasy Fire in the past on it's own and you need so many layers of it to fully cover the nail and not see any visible nail line so I'd definitely recommend putting a base coat on first and then layering this on top.

Oh My Glitter will set you back €1.79 and Fantasy Fire is €5.  They're a match made in heaven.

Top: Essence Oh My Glitter.  Bottom: Max Factor Fantasy Fire
What are you wearing on your nails today?


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  1. That's gorgeous Karen! But be sure to try FF over a deep blue as well, it's fab!!
    I'm wearing Nubar Reclaim today which looks amazing in the sunshine we've been lucky enough to get!


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