Friday, September 7, 2012

Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil review

You know that song "I knew I loved you before I met you"?  Well, I totally sang this to my bottle of Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil after using it the first time.  I hum it every time since.

Last week saw me heading to the Origins counter in Arnotts to check out the new make up range and there, I had a proper squizz at the products that are on my list to try.  My new best pal Donna Galloway, who chose the products that would help cleanse and prepare my face before applying said make up, had obviously read my mind and had heard it say "I want to try out the cleansing oil, ok, love you thanks".  As soon as she applied it to my face, I knew I'd be buying it and an hour later, I was €24 poorer but immeasurably happier!

That night, I was torn between not wanting to take off the gorgeous makeup but also dying to use the oil.  So I got to work.  I pumped out about 4-6 pumps of the oil and warmed it up in the palms of my hands.  I massaged it into my skin and inhaled the aroma.  The website says it's got the energizing aroma of grapefruit, orange and lime but I can't place any of those scents.  To me it's a more relaxing scent.  It has a light texture for an oil and it smooths easily over the skin.  If you add water to it, the oil emulsifies and goes a bit milky.  You can remove it either by rinsing your face with water which is just plain messy for me especially when I'm washing my face at the sink, or using my preferred method, with a muslin cloth. 

After drying my visage, my skin was soft, smooth and felt moisturised.  No greasy feeling, just lovely clean skin.  Now, whereas I like to emulsify the oil a bit before removing it from my face, I found that doing that on my eyes caused blurry vision for a few minutes.  So what I do is do one eye at a time and massage the oil over the eyelids and concentrate it on the lashes to remove any mascara.  Wipe it off with my muslin cloth and I'm completely make up free.  Oh and a very important point for me is that it doesn't sting or irritate my eyeballs at all.  This is crucial in life.  Going around with pink eye is so not the trend for autumn 2012.

I can't say enough good things about this gentle cleanser.  When Joanne comes back from Spain I'll be making her use it too.  As I mentioned before, €24 is the damage and it's worth noting that it comes with a screw top lid.  You've to buy the little pump there but it's just a couple of euro.  I think it's safe to say that I am in The Absolute Love with Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil and I think we're going to grow old together.

You can buy it at the Origins counter in Arnotts or in Boots Liffey Valley.  Try it and I bet you'll love it!  And if you don't, I'll have absolutely no problem taking your unwanted bottle off your hands!


  1. There's a bottle of this in Liffey Valley with my name on it! Sounds wonderful but a little bit miffed about the pump.

    1. It's deffo worth it. You don't have to buy the pump but it'd be very messy otherwise but yeah it's a bit cheeky that they charge you for it

  2. You had me at " it doesn't sting or irritate my eyeballs at all". I'm still shivering at the memory of using the Lancome one on my eyes and it stinging the beejaysus of them!!

  3. I'm really wanting to try this now! great review :)


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