Friday, September 7, 2012

Pixy Softening Body Oil review

Right, on to your body.  Earlier on I told you about the Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil for your face.  Time to work on the rest of your good self.  When this dinky bottle arrived at Girlie Bits Towers, I was a happy chappy and uttered a little "awww".  Ca-ute bottle!

There are so many things that I love about this wee bottle of oil, where to start?  Ok, the bottle.  It's glass, so mind it against your tiles if you're clumsy like me.  But it's so cute!  It has a wee little stopper and a dinky little handle and stands out among the millions of bottles of everything in my bathroom.  I'd love it even more if it had a pump dispenser but that's just my preference. 

The scent.  I may or may not wander in to my bathroom every so often to have a whiff of this delicately scented oil.  With ingredients including jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, apricot oil, borage seed oil amd fragranced with jasmine and magnolia fragrance, I can't get enough of the scent and would buy it in perfume form in a heartbeat!

I like to use it right out of the shower, having patted my skin dry.  I pour what I think is a teaspoon's worth into the palm of my hands and then rub them together, warming the oil which makes a noise not unlike what I think the word "moist" sounds like.  My most hated word.  I got goosepimples typing it.  But you know what I mean.  I use it mainly on my arms as I'm prone to dry patches on my upper arms and can sometimes have elbows so dry, they could grate cheese.

This not only absorbs into my arms in minutes, but it leaves them super soft and smooth and smells gorgeous.  Seriously, come visit me after my shower and have a sniff of my arms. 

This little gem of a bottle will set you back €7.99 and you can buy it on the Pixy website or click here for a list of stockists.


  1. Sounds lovely, I was going to buy the Payot myrrh body oil next but it's very spendy. Would you say this one is a good alternative?

    1. Ooh I haven't tried the Payot oil so I can't advise you missus. How spendy is spendy?

    2. It's up around the €50 mark, for 100ml as far as I know!

  2. Sounds lovely. I'm against use of the word moist too. Awful word! Lol.

    1. Hate that word with a passion, girls at work torment me something fierce with it

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