Thursday, September 20, 2012 - buy before you fly!

My dad would have gotten a great kick out of yesterday.  See, he loved going to the airport and was a firm believer that your holiday started as soon as you set foot inside the terminal.  We were never ever late to the airport as he would have the taxi ordered days in advance to get us there a full three hours before our flight.  This meant I've had lots and lots of time to browse the duty free over the years!

Last night I went to the launch of, the online store for The Loop at Dublin, Cork and Shannon Airports.  Hold on a second, I hear you say, why would you need to shop before even leaving your home?  Well, lots of reasons!  Imagine you're going on an early morning flight.  Are you going to want to browse the duty free at that hour? (Me, I totally would but I'm a professional shopper, so that doesn't really apply to everyone...)  There are so many baggage restrictions these days and by buying before you leave your house, you can either pick up your purchases on your way to your destination or using the Shop and Collect feature, you can collect it on your way home from your holidays!

Jo Malone lovely things
When you've bought your chosen items, you'll need to enter in your flight details.  You can start your shopping 28 days before you leave and have up until 48 hours prior to your departure time to make those all important purchases.

Oooh shopping...
And in a huge coup for The Loop, they'll be the first airport retailer in the world to sell MAC online!  This is brilliant ladies!  Think of the exclusive travel sets you can get..... Of course, there are brands like Jo Malone, Clinique, YSL, Chanel, Estee Lauder, all to be perused without having to get off your couch...

MAC - need I say more
We're heading to New York in November and I have my eye on a bottle of Chanel Coco Noir that might just have to be my scent of that holiday!

Check out for a full list of products and start planning your holiday now!  Since my dad believed your holiday started the moment you set foot inside the airport, does it now mean it starts when you make your first purchase on


  1. I love the duty free - ahh travel exclusives I am usually only givena. Very brief allotted time in the duty free so this online shopping is perfect

    1. I know! You won't have to drag Paul around the place and he'll think you're being good and not buying anything!

  2. Will definitely be taking full advantage when I head to New York in November!!

    Emily x

    1. Nice one Emily! When are you going? We're going for Thanksgiving :)

  3. Uh oh's! That's all I have to say! lol The girls in MAC always think I'm mental at the airport... Cos we don't have MAC in Waterford I walk in with a list and can easily blow 300euro in 5 mins! This just makes this even more doable!

    1. I love it! This will take the hassle out of it all so :)


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