Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tibolli review - Desired Hair Oil & Moisture Lust Spray

Let me share a secret with you.  I don't always take care of my hair the way I should.  I can't help it.  I can be lazy when it comes to minding my tresses and more often than not, I wear my hair in a pony tail or a weird messy bun thing, anything to get it out of the way.  There are days where I do want to style it and just mind it a little bit more and I've been trialling these products from Tibolli for the past few weeks to see if I can be lazy and also have nice hair.

The Moisture Lust Spray (€23) is up first.  This lightweight spray can be used on damp hair as a leave in treatment if you're going to let your hair air dry or if you're going to be styling your locks with heat, this will stop any moisture loss as you dry, straighten or curl your hair.  I made Joanne bring this to Spain with her on holidays as a leave in protectant in the sun and chlorine.  I'm that nice a sister.  I know, always looking out for her needs.  Actually, I totally have a hidden agenda but don't tell her.  I need her hair in tip top shape for some hair tutorials soon.  Shhh.

I've really enjoyed using the Moisture Lust Spray as a leave in treatment, even after I've put regular conditioner in my hair or after using a 2 in 1.  I know, I still use them.  Told you I was lazy.  I feel like I'm taking that little bit extra care of my tresses and it doesn't feel like I've any product in my hair which is important to me.  I have silky hair after using it but without the feeling like my hair's weighed down.

The Desired Hair Oil (€27.00) is next up.  Like other hair oils out on the market, this promises to replenish lost oil from your hair and tame the frizzies.  It's lighter in consistency than oils like Orofluido and you need the barest amount to cover your hair.  I've medium length hair now due to not having it chopped in a small age and half a pump does my hair.  I vary between applying it to damp and dry hair, I'm crazy like that. 

As I've explained lots in the past, I don't use oils on my roots or scalp.  I'm a big grease monkey at the best of times, so my advise is to stick to the lengths.  Like most hair oils, it'll last you ages as you need only the barest amount.

The Tibolli line should be coming to Peter Mark salons soon, so check them out next time you're in getting your hair did.  I'm interested to see what else they have in store for us!

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