Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Face of the day with Hourglass

Earlier today I showed you basically the entire Hourglass range of make up.  Seriously.  Check it out.  Anyway, the gorgeous Mel Leonard, make up artist extraordinaire was on hand to show me some of the products on my visage.  What better way to feel and see the products in action?  Try as I might, I couldn't get home in time to get photos in the daylight.  I tried to take some outside Harvey Nichols but I was on my own, my camera is huge and I looked like a weirdo, so flash photography it is.

1. Visage.

Mel used the No 28 Primer Serum and Veil Mineral Primer first so I could feel what they were like.  The primer has a lighter texture than a regular silicon primer and made my face feel lovely and smooth.  Because it's lighter, it doesn't ball up on the face which sometimes happens with me and primers.  She used the Veil Fluid Make up in the lightest shade which was a perfect match and I absolutely loved that she wasn't afraid to put the palest shade on me or try to talk me into a darker colour.  She used a light layer of the Illume Bronze Duo in Sunset, using the bronzer to contour my cheekbones and blush to give my face a bit of colour.

2. Eyes.

For my eyes, we decided on the Visionaire Eyeshadow Duo in Gypsy.  All I can say lads is you need to go and touch these shadows.  They're so silky and there's not a smidge of fall out. This is luxury at it's finest.  Mel applied the darker shade all over my lid and then used the lighter colour to highlight my browbone.  She used one of the other duos to add more depth to the look and I was in the love.  The actual love.  The love that only a fellow beauty junkie can understand.  Gypsy works so well with my eye colour and even more so when Mel applied the darker colour wet along my waterline.  I can safely say I've never even thought of putting shadow there but it made the look more daytime friendly.  Mel used the Script Precision Liner on the upper lash line and added a quick coat of the Film Noir mascara which added length and volume, but we weren't finished there.  No, it was time for the Film Noir Lash Lacquer.  For those of us that aren't great at putting on false lashes, the Lash Lacquer thickly coats eash lash to make it look like you're wearing falsies!  I'll totally admit as I was driving home, I kept looking in the rearview mirror, pretending I was seeing what was behind moi but in actual fact, was admiring my eyes.

3. Lips.

We applied the Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in the shade Edition and it was absolutely gorgeous.  They all dry matte but felt it comfortable on the lipa.  We topped it with Imagine Extreme Sheen Lip Gloss and the look was complete.

A little piece of me died on the inside when I had to take it all off that night.  My skin looked healthy and glowing, my eyes defined and suitably popped and my lips were right smack bang in my comfort zone, a touch of colour with some gloss. 

I know I said it in my earlier post, but I can honestly say I haven't been this excited about a brand in a long time.  The counter in Harvey Nichols might be small but it's perfectly formed and I think I need to bring my fellow bloggers out there on a road trip!

Have you tried Hourglass cosmetics?

I'm currently in savings mode as I'm heading to New York next month, but I can tell you without any doubt that I'll be buying Gypsy eyeshadow duo and Edition lippie


  1. I absolutely love your eyes in that shot. I won't be passing the Hourglass counter empty handed again!

  2. fabulous,fabulous.loved your earlier post too karen, the bronzing duo,eyeliner & lash laquer have been added to my wish list. do you reckon these are cheaper in the states? Im going in just over 3 weeks CANNOT wait!! looking forward to stocking up on revlon,sally hanssen ,maybelline & redken goodies!!

  3. Looks gorgeous Karen. Your skin is flawless!

  4. I have never tried Hourglass but upon seeing it, I am kinda interested in trying it out. I super like the make up using Hourglass products because it had bring out your natural beauty. It is light and warm which is perfect for everyday wear.

  5. Fabulous! Can't decide whether it's good or bad that I can't get my hands on it in Galway! :)

  6. Your eyes looked amazing! blog


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